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How easy is self development really?

Self development: just suited to certain people?

The bottomline is that self development and creating changes in our circumstances is in fact very simple, however, not easy! In short, everyone has the ability to create change and it takes the same degree of ease no matter who you are and regardless of your background and education.

Change requires repetition of a new behaviour for your body to establish new neural pathways. Put simply, whilst you may ache for a change in your circumstances, your body fights the change by repelling the new behaviour as a defence mechanism to protect itself ‘as is’. It was designed that way.

As your body is impulsed by its defences to consider the new change as a possible threat, the body vies for your attention. You will probably feel these impulses as fear, nervousness, nausea, exhaustion or irritation. Only when you override your body’s signals and continue the new behaviour, will your body’s resistance subside and the neural pathway establish itself (provided of course that the repetition of your new thoughts, feelings and activities remain long enough to establish permanency).

It’s almost as if it you must undergo a fight. Even though you are approving the new behaviour, your body by instinct has to protect the old one simply because it protects what IS regardless of your agenda, it is a survival mechanism.

The exciting thing about pursuing new behaviours is that once you have established a muscle in that area, and the old behaviour dissolves, it takes the same amount of concerted effort to build a new neural pathway to recreate your old behaviour again which of cause you are hardly likely to do.

Example: If you have established a new habit of earning $50,000 per month as opposed to $5,000, why would anyone find enough drive and motivation to force themselves back into a poor consiousness enough to end up struggling again? Yes it does happen of course but your new behaviour will keep prompting you to keep up the income you have established in the same way it prompted your old habits by default.

The fact is that even if you have clearly defined what you want, you have got to reprogramme yourself.

Your body is mechanical by design. You awaken every morning at default settings based on what you have been programmed to do, think, say and feel evidenced by your repetitive behaviour. Once you have repeated an experience a certain number of times, a neural pathway has been grown in your brain.

In order to change these neural pathways and establish a new default behaviour, you must rehearse the necessary actions over and over to the point that they are the dominant actions and now secure as a new programme…

… and always keep in mind that your body needs nutrition to perform and maintain behaviour changes.. one of the biggest oversights people make and wonder why all the other hard work didn’t ‘cement’ itself.

Our relationships define our power and potential and they are not hit and miss.

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These visions revealed how we are trying to provide a solution for the wrong problem. This leads us into bankruptcy, divorce, ill health and an unrequited ache for fulfilment, which could so easily be avoided.

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