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How does a woman bleeding effect you?

You and a woman’s menstrual cycle

Male and female ‘nature’ tell you how to win and what we must go through. We are all male and female inside. We manifest in separate genders so we can see the true characteristics so we know how to ‘marry’ them within. However we never got the manual and so prosperity gets held back as we muddle through!

Prosperity Signpost: Women BLEEDING every month.

Woman represents potential. In pursuing our full potential we can EXPECT to bleed regularly, it main be painful and vary depending on our lifestyle… BUT IT WILL PASS.

What happens when the bleeding doesn’t stop?

When the bleeding continues for a long time into a haemorragh, healing is required because our relationship with our potential is out of balance. When our power and potential are not married healthily, our divine flow is interrupted.

Female represents sensitivity, beauty and the intangible realms of energy. That’s why women confound, confuse and are generally perceived as ‘all over the place’… SHE IS! Your potential (your female) has access to everything God ever created. These days you are not even limited by the sky. (Note I said the female, not a woman.)

Focusing on the bleeding process (which God shows us is related to our female/potential/experience), we see that if she is the one bleeding, it is her power that can heal. Therefore we look to her domain; sensitivity, beauty and the forces we can’t see to heal… LOVE.

Love is coloured pink because it is the energy of non-resistance

All healing of pain occurs through the power of love; prosperity exists when we live in alignment with our true nature which is actually self-love. Pink is considered ‘girly’ (another signpost from nature that it is female) but regardless of its girly perception as being less than powerful, it holds revolutionary secrets about love. Love is the most powerful force because nothing can resist it; no dark force can overpower love.

Why is this limitless related to female… because she represents the intangible realms which encompasses anything than can be brought into form (whereas the male represents only what is already made physical).

Is expressing love hard when you are backed up against the wall, finding money is a struggle, your partner is shouting at you or is just locked down with depression, your children are misbehaving and keeping you awake at night, you are feeling all kinds of aches and pains…

heck, absolutely… it feels like like fight of your life… and it is…

HOWEVER, if we realise that expressing love, compliments, uttering words that uplift (even if we don’t believe it or feel like it) is key, we understand the power we have to transform situations.

Our emotions are the link between our intangible thoughts and our physical reality. Emotion is energy in motion and this is where all toxicity and contamination is held.  Examine your heart and fight to love on purpose (because it isn’t going to come easily when you are struggling).

We don’t need advice, we need love. We all have wise instincts and the way we need to be happy is unique and written into our core. Nobody can advise us on that. The reason why this true expression does not come out is because beliefs have suggested to us we cannot be who we are, we are not free to be ourselves and so we lack self confidence…

…then, we become someone else, follow other people’s ideas of who we must be and how we must live… and then we feel passionless and our hearts suffer…then we start to bleed.

Prosperity: How are you treating your power and potential?

All self-love or self-destruction is evidenced in the way we treat people around us.

How you are treating a woman is how you are treating your potential (live experiences). She represents your experiences. Listen to the words you are speaking to her? Are you believing in her (whomever she is)? Are you reminding her how exciting and captivating she is? Are you taking all limits off her? Are you confirming her beauty and complimenting her on her sensitivites?

How you are treating a man is how you are treating your power (ability to make something happen). Is he locked down, unable to move? What are you doing to free him from shackles? Are you telling him he can (or keep telling him he can’t)?


Set your power and potential free to soar and stop the unhealthy bleeding

Look into your heart (particularly if you have a hit a period when you are haemorraghing)… hold good thoughts for everyone, particularly those whom you are feeling a sense of hopelessness towards. Perhaps you feel you cannot forgive, perhaps you have given up on someone… stop, breathe and see them turning around. Tell them in your mind… “I know how it looks but I believe in you. I believe that what is causing you pain will be lifted by the power of God and you will peace and joy again.”

If you could see into the non-physical realms and see the devestation caused by your words and your thoughts you would be shocked. You would see that every word you utter about people ends up being your script. You can revolutionise your life by seeing other people as you in the first place. How do you want people to think about you, speak to you, hope and wish for you… that is how you stop the bleeding. As you encourage people to win, follow their heart and be free to be themselves and discover who they truly are, that is what you are ordering for you.

Free yourself from the captivity of bleeding unnecessarily, go spread love… has worrying about all your problems worked so far? 🙂

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