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How Can I See My Success?

The wealthy life you day dream about already exists.

Instead of asking “how can I get it”, ask “how can I SEE it?”. The word “get” suggests you don’t “have”. You DO have it, whatever it takes to create a happy life is sitting on that chair where you are right now. This change in perception will revolutionize your consciousness.

Continue to do what you always did and you will continue to have what you always had. I used to day dream about being in a fantastic relationship. A day dream was really all it could be at the time considering my perception of what was possible…. after all, what I saw in relationships around me didn’t give me much to write home about.

Twenty five years researching the metaphysics of my mind, body and spirit showed me how we are, in essence, particles of energy in movement. Energy particles that cluster together localized in a certain time and space to create everything you experience as physical. The outside is a reflection of the inside, ‘your psyche in action’. Each and every particle is a particle of Light energy, an All Knowing intelligence with unlimited access to the Universal Bank.

These particles are intelligence clustered together to form an experience. The energy particles receive their instruction to cluster based on what you give attention and intention to. What you think about, talk about, taken action on and focus on becomes real.

You’re born a winner, how can you lose…
Did you stop to consider how many millions of souls are vying for that body you are sitting in right now…and you know what, guess who won?

You have already established that you cannot fail. How can you lose a race you already won?

So what happened?

You changed your programming that’s what. You allowed yourself to re-write your script. Yeah, it took other people and other ideas and opinions, however, ultimately you are solely responsible. No other person can make you believe anything you don’t wish to, that suggests you have no power. You will be gob-smacked to know just how much power you actually do have in your hands.

How do I return to living as a winner?
All the answers are within YOU, question is “are you Being YOU?”

Everything in your life is screaming at you. Your heart is talking to you all the time through images, voices and feelings. Your spirit talks to you through your heart. It uses everything from the country you live in, to the shoes you wear to get your attention as to how to live the success you desire.

Somewhere along the line you just stopped seeing and listening. You started listening to a world tainted by the belief that you can’t have it all, that you can’t be the person you really are and that you can’t have it easily.

One of the reasons why young children suffer so regularly with earache is the pain directly from the part of their body expressing pain. In other words the pain is directly related to something they are hearing which either causes pain because;

  • (a) it is something they are hearing that goes against their heart’s desire; or
  • (b) it is something they are hearing which they need to take on board and they are resisting.

The body can’t create anything or think for itself, it simply works like any engine, when something is out of alignment with its design, it lets you know.

Your Spirit is the All Knowing part of your intelligence, your Higher Self (which by the way, is on great terms with the Universal Bank). Your Spirit lives inside your physical vehicle which mirrors the truth. When disalignment with your full potential occurs, your body expresses this through your physical body.

So, as with children and their frequent propensity to experience earache, the body expresses that the pain related to something they are ‘hearing’ through their ears.

What happens next? Parents can’t give them the freedom to express this pain, after all they are too busy dealing with their own pain and struggle…so solution?… medicine gets poured into their body and the body shuts up. Why? Because the body can only respond to our instructions.

However, the energy which remains imbalanced still exists in its present form. The body needs a certain amount of ‘light’, life force for organs to live. Therefore you will experience the imbalance in your body. Over time, without any harmonizing or expressing of this discomfort, the pain, will express itself as sickness in an endeavour to make sure the problem is brought to attention more strongly.

The mind, body and emotions are completely interconnected. It is true to say that you ARE what you EAT, DRINK, BREATH AND THINK.

What happens if you actually listen each time?

Yeah, you will have to change something, even if it’s something simple like opening your mind to another opinion. You feel it’s gonna hurt right? Irony is, that the pain of staying where you are is ten times more painful than the changes you might need to make.

All your daydreams are worthy of attention and intention. I didn’t really have any plans for life up until the age of 30, everything looked too miserable, no wait…I did plan my funeral for a while! – now I love waking up, life is better than I could have imagined.

Clues, clues and more clues…
I bet you ask yourself several times a day how things got the way they are. Truth is, your heart and body are telling you all the time. They tell you when you are out of alignment with the Law of Attraction (give you a big clue, “it costs more than you want to give!”).

That All Knowing part of you that has unlimited access to the Universal Bank is guiding you all the time, it’s giving you heavy clues as to what to do next.

The last time your friends asked you out or the last time you went to the gym, did you stop to ask yourself “Do I really want to?” Yeah, sounds simple, maybe you think it sounds dumb? Are you thinking, “Course I want to see my friends.” or “I need to go to the gym, I want to stay fit!

Well, simple it may be, however it’s a profound process that changes your life in incredibly successful ways.

Remember, the most ‘simple’ processes are paramount to your ability to live. Take breathing for example, “breath in, breath out”. How simple does it get?

Checking in with yourself before you do anything enables you to express the REAL you, not the fake you are probably pretending to be. Now, I say “fake” in the most respectful way.

If you’re not living successfully, you’re not living your truth and it’s the real you who has the treasure map. The map which is going to guide you to:

  • … that relationship you are crying out for.
  • … that fat bank account; no more fear of what the postman brings,
  • … that opportunity to live a rich life doing what you love;
  • … that great feeling of wellness, happiness and vitality.

The real you has all the answers in the most amazingly perfect formula. The real you is going to manifest a rich life doing what you are naturally good at. That real you under those unloving layers is going to ATTRACT what you want in a much easier way than working your butt off.

I come from a family background where respect is determined by how hard you work. I don’t know how many times growing up I heard conversations like, “What’s he like?” “Oh, he’s a hard worker, yeah, nice guy”.

You’re not designed to work hard. You’re designed to enjoy doing what you’re passionate about, what lights your fire…there’s your clue, the energy and motivation you need comes naturally, you don’t see it as “work”. I’m busier than I’ve ever been, however it certainly doesn’t feel like work, there’s my clue.

Wake-up call…

Up until three years ago, if you’d asked me to describe myself I would have said “hard-worker, not very ambitious, have a great interest in people, don’t care about money, extremely independent” (LOL).

I discovered that I am lazy and want as many short cuts as possible, I truly want to leave my mark on the world, I care that people are happy however I don’t want to take on responsibility for their life and experiences.

I now recognise you need to take money seriously and now very happy to accept help wherever I can as there is a limit to how much success we can create by doing things ourselves…whooah, what a wake up call that was.

Now that I listen to myself in every moment as to what I REALLY want to do and stand by it, I have manifested…a fantastic relationship, a successful business with my partner which has increased 3000% in the last 5 months, opportunities popping into my mail box on how to write successful books, articles etc. using the incredible information which is miraculously showing itself to me intuitively.

One of the biggest factors in creating success is truly being yourself. Yes, it can be confronting and can cause conflict. However, when you stand by yourself and the truth of how you feel, everything in this Universe will conspire to make what you desire happen. Asking the question and listening for a resounding ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ gives you YOUR truth.

Your blocks to success are staring you in the face in the form of people, places or objects (from the country you live in to the pen on your desk)…your success is calling out to you. Unleash your wealth frequencies with ease, anyone can do it, get a closer look at your script…reveal the secrets now!

Are you really using your true skills, find out more about the hidden truths about yourself. This Psychological Report (and also the Career Report) really helped me clear up the TRUTH.

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