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How a door handle can turbo-charge success

How a door handle can effect success

Quantum physics proves that everything in your physical reality is, when examined under the microscope, billions of units of energy surrounded by space.

If you put your hand under a microscope, you would see it was made up of tissue. Magnify the tissue and you can see your cells. Magnify the cells and see them split into molecules, split again into atoms. The atoms will magnify again to reveal millions of units of energy surrounded by space.

Everything in your reality is perceived ‘solid’ simply because your five senses suggest to you that it is.

Everything in your physical reality is where it is, and in the condition it is, at YOUR INSTRUCTION. Your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and actions give instruction to billions of units of energy to localise into a certain time and space to become a table, chair, partner, job situation, relationship etc. The outside is an exact and precise reflection of your phsiology, mind, body and emotions (or spirit).

As you are the sole creator of everything that happens in your reality, everything has a relationship WITH you.

How many times have you been determined to ‘turn over a new leaf’ or wished life would get better and it’s just not happening?

In order to attract more success you need to look to the units of energy around you which are holding the PROGAMMING and the science behind what you have ALREADY created. No point looking for something extra like money, a holiday or a new job because without a change in the programme, you will have a similar experience, simply a different face or a different place. IT’S SCIENCE!

It was Albert Einstein that said ” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

If the science of your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes are in the things around you, use the things around you to change the programme. This is a powerful technique which I have called The Mirror Technique.

So… how can you determine exactly what your thoughts and beliefs are, using the things around you?

Let’s look at the programming in a simple door handle.

Imagine you are investing money in your business to create ‘more success’. You’ve put a great deal of time and resources into starting your own business.

One evening while you’re home, one of your door handles break.

Would you normally fix it or would you leave it? Stop and think about this for a moment and note how you would react… imagine it’s just happened, bring the situation into the present moment… what’s your response, it’s important?

So, what would you do?

Let me guess, it gets left for a while. Why? Let me hazard another guess…

” I’m too busy” , ” I don’t have time at the moment “, ” I hate these jobs “, ” I can’t be bothered “, ” I don’t know how to fix it ” (make a note of your own reason(s) why).

This door handle is YOUR ‘energy in motion’, (picture the door handle in your mind as millions of units of energy surrounded by space resonating at phenomenal speeds so as to appear solid in the shape of the door handle).

You attracted that particular door and that particular handle into your reality. Why? Well let’s look more closely at the door handle’s function?

Function: “To facilitate and ease access”.

Imagine for a moment that the outside is a perfect mirror of your consciousness in action. The door handle is a physical expression of an aspect of your consciousness effecting the ability to “facilitate access”.

If the door was the access point between your kitchen and your living room. This would be effecting the “ability to facilitate access between your area of nourishment and your area where you centre yourself or relax “

Well, guess what? It has just broken/come apart.

Do you think how, and whether you fix it, will effect your consciousness and your belief systems that created it in the first place? If the science is in this situation do you think that the sooner you fix it the sooner you harmonise your channel to “facilitate access”?

If the door handle is your energy in motion and it has just come apart, there is a reason. Perhaps recently you have been vying for some better changes… the door handle is a test to see if you really want to change the programme and just how serious you are! Let’s imagine you are working at building your business to afford your dream home. Are you sure you really want a beautiful home? Or perhaps the door has broken because ‘the function needs upgrading’ to facilitate the changes you want now.

You might be investing money in a new business or wishing so many things about your life would change, however, the quantum mechanics of the things around you and your relationship WITH them is showing you what you ‘really believe and accept’.

If you look more closely you will begin to see why despite hoping and wishing, the mechanics show that there’s not enough instruction in support of the change.

Let’s take some examples of what might be your reaction to the broken door handle and see the true belief behind them:-

– too busy ; I affirm that I can’t fix my life because I’m too distracted with other things.

– not enough money ; I affirm that I don’t trust that I have money enough to fix my life. As it is, your body’s prime function is to prove you right, this will certainly continue. If you don’t take some action to prove you have changed your belief, things will continue exactly the same.

– can’t be bothered ; I affirm that fixing my life up is not important enough – I am STILL COMFORTABLE with where I am;

– I’ll do it tomorrow ; I affirm that, knowing the truth that there is no tomorrow, there is only the NOW… ‘fixing life up’ will never happen;

– I can’t do it myself ; I affirm that if I cannot do it myself then it cannot happen. Where did you get the idea you had to do it yourself?

If you were designed to do everything yourself you would have to build our own house, car, road, school, make your own clothes etc. The world would cease to exist. Are you afraid to ask for help to achieve what you want?

There are many powerful techniques in the world for attracting success. The common factor which gives them all power is ‘intention’.

Think about it. If a broken door handle is a physical expression of something within your consciousness requiring repair ” to facilitate access” why not use the act of fixing the handle as physical intention to correct the dysfunction and facilitate access again.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Absolutely nothing we experience in our reality is “just there”.

Your home and all your personal spaces are a physical mirror of YOUR perception of YOU. You scripted your home the way it is. You scripted the heaters in the place and the design they are. Create success using your home

If your home represents “your personal space”, “everything over which you have total control” i.e. YOU , do you clean your heaters or “just the places you can see”. If you clean only the places ‘you can see’ this is why you have the result you get.

Look at your heaters as a physical representation of the parts of your ‘personal space – ‘YOU’ which are often times left or ignored because you can’t be bothered or “have to stretch” to clean.

You attracted the heaters in that way as part of your bodymind set up and they are still a part of your “personal space”. They have a relationship with you in some way so look at your reaction to them and how you “maintain/clean” them.

Use your personal spaces, whether it be your home or office, as if it were your bodymind. The next time you go to take a drink, check out the cup. Does it have anything like “You are an idiot” printed on the side.

Why are you keeping it? Ask yourself ‘why?’ about everything. Why do I have this cup? If you keep asking why, you will find the beliefs which are holding you back from attracting anything better.

Did YOU buy the cup?…why?

Did a friend buy the cup?… why? ” It’s supposed to be funny “…what’s funny about being called an idiot?

You daren’t throw it away?… why?… ” because it was a birthday present, they might notice “… what does this tell you about what you REALLY believe about yourself and the power you have over your own reality?

You are designed to have it all. The only thing stopping you from having it all is YOU.

Start today by checking whether your physical world reflects what you say you want… your solutions are staring you in the face and when you bring your focus into the moment, you can save thousands of dollars .

Success lies in every moment . Having a Ferrari in your garage is down to a string of moments containing thoughts, visualisations and actions ‘affirming’ that the Ferrari is what you really want.

If you are investing time and money in piles of self-development books and courses to ‘attract more success’ and there are still two broken windows in your house or your office, what does that tell you?

If you are sure you want a better home, why haven’t you fixed the windows? God is in the details!

If you’re sure you want a better life, PROVE IT TO YOURSELF!

** Your blocks to success are staring you in the face in the form of people, places or objects ( from the country you live in to the pen on your desk )…your success is calling out to you. Unleash your wealth frequencies with ease, anyone can do it, get a closer look at your scripts… reveal the secrets now!

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