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Darkness wants control of your heart

Into the world the heart speaks

Every conceivable painful situation listed in this picture has its root cause in the human heart.

Manage your emotions, guard your heart

Albert Einstein said that “When the answer is simple, it is God answering“. All the chaos of the world is coming from the collective heart of humans. Every time we allow bad feelings to stay in our heart they are resonating out into the world. Every time we look at a video or report about crime we don’t realise that whether we lift the gun we imagine we would like to or not… we have become the same. We are all looking for the “them” who will fix it but we are the them.

Proverbs 4:23:

the Creator of the Universe says “Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out it flows the issues of life“.

What are you sending into this world?

Ask yourself why am I sharing this…. why am I saying this… why am I doing this? Is it a good feeling? Am I intending to help this person feel better? It is not how it is received that is your concern but what is happening inside you.  The world is mirroring our destructive emotions, what we send out to others we are sending to our own lives.

I can’t control my emotions!

That is absolutely true, you can’t control your emotions you can only manage them. If you see a video of someone being abused you will feel anger without any doubt… then comes the decision:-

  1. do I stay angry and visualise beating the person up or wishing them thrown in prison or
  2. do I pray over that person that the pain causing them to behave that way is released?

Hearts are resonating emotional vibrations, send love

Every person knows how they are feeling at any given moment! We know how to treat someone the way we would like to be treated… especially when we are doing something bad because we are suffering!

Life is not fair but life can be full and rich

Much of the world population have been born into privileged circumstances. We can all argue that we have our trials and that is true but many people have been born into horrendous circumstances. We all owe it to our brothers and sisters to raise the vibration. We do not have to fly to Africa or protest in marches (unless you are provoked to do that) we can change the world by managing our emotions.

Play the game to win

The dark forces want you angry, depressed, sick, stressed, distracted, furious, disillusioned, hopeless, overwhelmed.. but always keep in mind that light is more powerful.  When you put on a light in a dark room, the darkness leaves and cannot impose itself, it cannot turn off the light if it stays on. That light and dark switch is inside your heart. Think good thoughts about people, wish people the best, pray over destruction and evil.

Emotional management can change the world

You are part of my future, I believe in you, I trust you, I am grateful for you, I am excited how you will shape my life and I thank you. I ask God to bless you in accordance with His riches and I ask your forgiveness for my part in any painful experiences in your life, truly I am sorry and most importantly, I love you.


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