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Health and prosperity relating to your colon

Your colon as it relates to prosperity

Every single function of your body mirrors the function in your life. Every part of you was created for a specific reason. It is astounding how many diseases (dis-eases) and sick conditions are linked back to your colon. When you understand the function in your body it is easy to see why.

Your Colon – The Filter

The colon’s function is to filter. It takes in, absorbs what is useful, uses the fuel to rebuild and maintain and and excretes what is no longer of use.

Now let’s look at the process of how we should process life in order to be happy, healthy and prosperous.

Your Life – How well do you filter?

We are constantly taking in what we see and hear, food and drink, we need to absorb and keep what is useful in our life and let go of what does not serve us or nourish us.

Let’s take this into every moment and see why our lives are being side-tracked so far away from our original diving design. Bearing in mind the premise that we were created to enjoy a healthy, prosperous and fulfilling life; loving relationships, a lean, fit body, a career with our passionate about and money enough for everything we desire when we need it.

Colon mirrors our behaviour, we need to filter well!

You are having coffee with a friend. She suggests you are stupid (taking in what someone says).

At this point what should happen is that the natural filter to assess whether this is useful should come into play, your intelligence should suggest you are not stupid (as even getting to the coffee shop proves that) and then you should dismiss it (excrete/eliminate).

What happens for the most part is we take in the experience and instead of ‘excreting’ it we ‘hold onto it’.

We mull it over, get angry and frustrated with the person and instead of challenging them and making it clear we are not stupid (cleansing), we hang onto it!

When you observe how many of these things happen throughout our day you will see how much toxicity we hang onto.

We should only be absorbing what is useful and can help us build and maintain a healthy, prosperous life but we don’t.

Now back to the colon to see how it precisely matches, and more importantly shows us how to live a healthy, prosperous life.

Drain what’s colourful but let the rest go!

We might eat a plate of highly coloured vegetables but what comes out is always brown. This shows us that what we ‘let go of’ has no colour. We use its colour and let go of the rest. We let go what we are getting nothing out of anymore!

Coroners report that when they do autopsies, statistically colons are 80% full of excrement. If you look at a typical day and observe how much you retained (which should have been let go of because it was of no use) it is

very easy to see why such as …things people said or did and ideas from emails, facebook/twitter that you are mulling over but not really interested in.

Nourish your body, you nourish your mind

The exciting factor about controlling your dietary choices is that the mind and the body are precisely interconnected in that they effect each other to the same degree. By raising the quality of your nutrition into your body, the vibrational frequency of your mind will also improve.

Instead of trying to fix all the other aspects of your life which you think are upsetting you, realise that they all come about from one source “what you eat, drink, breathe and think”. Just spend time reflecting on your colon and how you treat it. CONSIDER:-

  • the quality of what you take in, the portion sizes, the frequency and the speed at which you eat!
  • the quality in terms of what you are allowing in and whether it is rich enough to even be absorbed!
  • whether your body gets the variety of nutrients it does regularly to maintain the energy, vitality and rebuilding of what needs to be renewed!.. and
  • how often you go to the toilet, whether it is excreted easily (and the optimal is three times per day) and whether you give yourself the time (or put it off because you are busy!).

The way you treat your body and your attitude towards it is the way your life will run.

Fact is we can make radical changes to our life by smaller, seemingly insignificant changes. The problem looks big but that is because smaller habits have been maintained for a long time and caused a crack to become a dam!

Divorce is an example of toxicity build up!

In the same way that a divorce appears to be caused by a string of seemingly intolerable circumstances, the cause could in fact be simply leaving the lid of the toothpaste that caused the feeling of ‘disrespect’ to mount up, become huge and then compound every other area of life until it causes the feeling of being stuck and out of control (constipation).

Love yourself, take care of what you let in, keep and let go of and watch life transform.

Prosperity is hidden in places under your nose!

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