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Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Gimme… Gimme.. Gimme… more prosperity

 Human: “Dear Universe, gimme, gimme, gimme”

Universe: “Dear Human, given, given, given”.

Human: “huh?????… it’s not working!”

Everything on Earth is MAGNETIC. We are magnetised to BECOME that which we take our minds and bodies into.

Do you want money?

Be around places and people where money IS.

Do you want more confidence?

Be around places and people where confidence IS.

Do you want more love?

Be around places and people where it IS.

Do you want more prosperity and success?

Be around places and people where successful business IS.

The bottom line about the magnetic force which exists is that you will become the vibration of what IS… not what might be or is hoping to be.

A conversation defines what IS and therefore what remains.

An environment defines what IS and not what it is hoping to be.

Reflect on what happened today.

Reflect on what kind of REALITY you were in the presence of… start with breakfast and go through every hour to see what it IS made of.

Was it any of the things you are asking of the Universe?

What conversations did you have today… what did they contain?

What did you work at today… what did it contain?

What did you eat today… what did it contain?

What exercise did you take today… was it lazy, exciting, a record!


“Dear Human, I gave you today that which you wanted because you chose its PRESENCE.

As I am the Universe I cannot interfere. You have chosen a life of FREE WILL so my message to you is to choose your moments and your words carefully and make sure you are in the PRESENCE of only that which makes you happy.


P.P.S. Clean up your matrix and cause a transformation

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These visions revealed how we are trying to provide a solution for the wrong problem. This leads us into bankruptcy, divorce, ill health and an unrequited ache for fulfilment, which could so easily be avoided.

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