Career or business and your genius

Career revealed by uncovering your genius

Career or business must contain your genius for true fulfillment

Solve the problem you are here to solve

The more you solve the problem you are here to solve and the more you seed your true anointed gifts and your genius, the more you prosper.

When you came into this world, you came with a mission. You were created on purpose. You are not here to find something to do, to muddle through making ends meet or doing anything you can tolerate.

You are unique and have no competition

Furthermore, and a point that will help shape the way you behave, you are unique. Nobody can perform your assignment better than you. In fact if they could, you would be rendered obsolete! As you are unique and have your unique blend of genius, you have absolutely no competition so comparing your talents (or your product/service if you have a business) is a complete waste of time and energy.

That assignment that exists on the Earth has your name on it which means everything you need and all the people you are assigned to in order to fulfil your task has been supplied to; both people you are to help and people who are here to help you. Linked to your assignment is your wealth and prosperity. As you solve more of this problem you are created to do, more prosperity will be attracted to you. It is a win-win situation!

How do I find out my assignment?

This exercise will lead you to possible the most lucrative breakthroughs you can ever have; the time and focus you give it will reflect how serious you think you are about living a sweet life! Find a quiet place, get some paper and watch the lights come on as you join up dots you missed; critical dots that send things totally pear-shaped!

Footsteps uncovering your path to your wealth and prosperity:

  • What is the thing you want to fix in the world/people; you feel so angry you could slap people!
  • It is something you are obsessed about. Even if you weren’t paid you will still continue to do it.
  • Verbalise what you like about the people around you; they are the things that you must do more of!
  • Reflect on any past jobs and be precise about what motivated you to keep going (it was not money).

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