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Get into your comfort zone

Stop being uncomfortable and prosper

I am guessing that at some point in your self improvement journey you have heard someone tell you to “get out of your comfort zone”? 

Ignore it.

Although what is being said is very well intentioned, the laws of creation are not executed by intention. Intention might be a goal but words are the instructions we give to energy to shape itself into physical form; to ‘bring into being’ (whether that be something good or bad).

The bible itself starts with the creative process “God said “Let there be light“. Since then light has never ceased. God did not say “he made light, perceived light, thought about light, imagined light…. He SAID “let there be light. The bible says that God so loved the word He called himself “The Word”.

That statement alone is enough to understand the power of words and the phenomenal power they have to set in motion precisely what the words express. This emphasises the importance of the precision of words. They are the detailed plan of what we intend to ‘build’.


Prosperity is attracted by precise instructions, not intentions

Highlighting the importance of words in creating an abundant life, let us look more closely and precisely at the phrase “you need to come out of your comfort zone“.

Fact: Your divine design is comfortable. When I talk about your divine design I mean that person you truly are in your heart, the person you were created to be, the real you; the place where you are most happy and peaceful.

So, the words in this phrase we are looking at is actually saying “get out of the place that is your most comfortable, joyful place!”.

When you hear that phrase your spirit will do everything in its power to RESIST. You will sense it in your body which is there to protect you. That is why when you hear the phrase you don’t feel good… ever!

Use words to attract the kind of life you want

If you are chasing a better life it is because you are already “uncomfortable”, if you were comfortable you would not be seeking a more prosperous situation. Why would you be looking for books on self development, looking for a better career, taking courses, considering doing new things that scare you?

Business mission statement - is it clear?Challenge what you watch, hear and read and only use that which will bring into being that which you want (regardless of whether it is from a best selling book!). It is true that in order to let go of your uncomfortable behaviour and adopt a new behaviour it will FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE however the words you use are critical so ask yourself “if this was a computer, what would my words set in motion?”… is it something that is good?

How can I use this phrase to ignite a GREEN LIGHT instead?

Any time you want to make a change and you can feel resistance, tell yourself “it is time for me to make this change and race into my comfort zone“… observe how it feels!

Imagine the scariest situation that you have been contemplating which has been holding back a more prosperous situation… and say out aloud…

This is going to take me racing into my comfort zone of divine prosperity!”

In my book Power Surge, I enlighten you about Your Crew and show you what happens to your words in a way that impacts you in an exciting way to stop and think before you speak.

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