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Focus on being sick and tired

Discover your real focus and stay there

Some people know early on in life what they are born to do and pursue it with all consuming passion. The clarity comes from the passion which unconsciously drives their focus and so learning how to is not necessary.

For others like me it is something that is discovered after a longer process; maybe simply because in my case I didn’t know how to read the signs. I didn’t know how there was a specific plan for my life or how to know what road to take.

I knew focusing was important but was distracted most of the day whilst not realising. It is not easy to focus when you don’t know the mission right? In my previous article, “Discover your self, discovery your money” I gave you some clear ways to discover your personal assignment that would bring you wealth and prosperity. It is something that is an obsession and must be pursued with everything you have for you to gain more and more prosperity and joy in life. It is something that will cost you everything too and it will never dissipate from your heart.

Once you know your mission, your path to your individual prosperity, you must focus. As we have sidetracked from our divine assignments, the new programmes are not going to just give in and surrender to new ways overnight. We have grown new neural pathways strengthening these new ways of behaving and living and so they must be de-constructed and new ones grown.

This is essentially what all self development pursuits are for, rewiring us to a life our heart is screaming out for.

Due to our re-programming that keeps us in struggle and unhappiness, when we try to focus this new behaviour, we will be bombarded by distractions. These distractions will be very subtle and clever and so often unrecognisable.

Biggest breakdown or breakthrough signals

It is not news to you to remind you that you must stop your emails, the doorbell and the telephone from sidetracking you from your assignment; the key to your divine prosperity! However there is one very subtle experience which can cause not only constant breakdowns but can also give you a clue to where your focus is making headway and a great deal of success.

The alarm call you want to watch out for is when you are “sick and tired of  something“. The point at which you are sick and tired of something is the point at which you “are getting it”. The desire to move away from it is resistance from your lesser, human, misguided alter ego; it is the devil we must recognise and master.

This experience can come in many ways. It can serve as a clue for you to keep going and stay focused as a ‘student’. It can also come as a reminder to you as a teacher that there are people you are mentoring who are “getting it”.

It is a clue that this is something that is meaningful and requires you to be even more vigilant in focusing on it to the point of realising peace.

There is a desire in all of us to keep discovering and this is a good thing but often we can mistake this impulse of being sick and tired as a need to seek fresh ideas or fresh projects.

Hold your focus, don’t walk away from the things you are sick and tired of. Let them show you your passion, your clarity and the assignment you are obsessed about; face the ache of your obsession and use it to solve problems.

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