Bio – Author, speaker Annemarie Doolin

Author, Speaker – Annemarie Doolin

Author and speaker, Annemarie Doolin

T hrough her mind-popping books and popular videos, Annemarie Doolin guides businesses and individuals searching for why success is not flowing, behind the scenes to see the actual root of any problem and into mind-popping aha, goose bump moments of revelation.

Her roller coaster journey from a life of deep depression and suicidal feelings, working a job in the corporate world supporting CEOs and feeling like an alien in a suit, moving from country to country seeking the life that was screaming from inside… to a rich marriage and fulfilling, creative and prosperous business, Annemarie’s journey is proof positive that years of pain, suffering and hopelessness can be released through being clear about the real source of the problem.

After moving to several countries believing it might be the location and seeing no struggle subside, Annemarie realised she was the one factor at the scene of every crime so she was the problem. Working the corporate world by day and fervently seeking mind/body answers by night (and weekends), trying every hair curling therapy that revealed itself, she was eventually gifted profound, thrilling life-altering visions behind the scenes of reality; visions that come only a very close second to the journey of Neo in the movie, The Matrix.

Today this kind, humble, business-savvy ‘eye-opener’ uses her x-ray vision and razor sharp, take-no-prisoners focus to help cut through decades of overwhelming confusion right to the core of the struggle in no time leaving you stunned, energised with a renewed sense of freedom, almost feigning dissappointment that the problem could be that simple.

Her books, videos and articles radically flip your perception of your struggle in your finances, relationships, business and health and how situations came to be, completely upside down leaving you feeling kilos lighter and almost laughing at the lucidity of situations which once seemed so concrete, overwhelming and insurmountable yet with the real problem identified, success now feels (bearing in mind the essential need for patience and prayer), refreshingly imminent.

Annemarie is English and currently lives in Denmark. Annemarie has spent time living in Ireland, France, Italy, Brazil, U.S.

“I’m stunned by your book!” — Dr. Joe Vitale

Annemarie Doolin, author, wellness coach and self discovery facilitator

Author, Writer

Annemarie is the author of 4 books (Marry Yourself Before You Slip Away, Home Your Wealth, Power Surge and Self Discovery).
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Annemarie Doolin, author, wellness coach and self discovery facilitator


Annemarie is available as a guest speaker. Clarity being her mission, talks can be tailored to focus on specific problem areas.
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Background  Skills /Experiences:

Business & Finance Management – Qualified with College Distinction and invited to lecture by the college.

Variety of Healing Therapies: Reiki (Qualified Reiki Master), Reflexology, Colonic Hydration, Cranial Sacral Realignment, Hypnosis, NLP, Rebirthing, Kinesiology, Seichem, Soul Retrieval, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Work, The Melchizedek Method, The Sedona Method, Transformational Cellular Healing, The Silva Method, Lightbody Surgery and the subsequent removal of her Karmic Matrix, Numerology of Moses & The Soul Contract, BodySDS.