General Questions on Prosperity & Self Development

IMPORTANT: Please note that without you attaching the power of prayer to anything you do, the opportunity for change is not the same for everyone (despite the theory). The power of our cellular memory and forces at work in the dark forces behind the realm can hold us in old patterns. Life is not fair… however with prayer, your opportunity is leveled and all is possible.
  • Why don’t things change in my life or my business despite my investment in self development and coaching? Answer
  • How do I know which is the best self improvement book or coaching course for me or business? Answer
  • What is the most common reason why people don’t reach their goals and attract the prosperity they want? Answer
  • How do I find out my dominant thoughts and know what I believe? Answer
  • What self growth tool would you recommend Annemarie that will create the biggest impact in changing my life or business, attract abundance and costs me the least? Answer
  • Can my life partner or business partner affect my success? Answer

Questions on Annemarie’s Books

  • There are so many books on self improvement, self growth, healing and prosperity, what would I benefit by buying yours? Answer
  • What is the difference between Power Surge and Home Your Wealth? Answer
  • What does Self Discovery have to do with Divine Prosperity? Answer
  • Do you have to be interested in homes, home-making, furniture and interior design to get the most from Home Your Wealth? Answer
  • Power Surge suggests that I can magnetise wealth with ease but this is not really true is it? Answer
  • Why am I not able to manage my emotions the way the CALL Formula shows me; is there an easier way? Answer

General Questions on Prosperity & Self Development

Why don’t things change despite my investment in self-development and personal coaching?

In short, because for every thought or action in alignment with wanting and believing life can change, there are more contradicting thoughts and experiences going on within your mind and in evidence in the physical world around you.

Everything you do in the hope of self improvement (providing it is possible to create change) will be cooking but the amount of contradictions that exist in your mind and your life are way beyond what you are aware of.

You have 57,600 seconds per day and even if you re-traced your physical actions alone you would see why the progress is so slow.

I encourage you to stop investing more money in the pursuit of attracting abundance and wealth if you are not clearing up the contradictions around you which are evidence of your consciousness.

One of the biggest delusions that escapes people is not believing we can improve our wealth, confidence and actually feel in control with what we have already. Within us lies everything we need but we are creating chaos out of what is available to us thereby leaving us to believe that the problem is much bigger, insurmountable and costly than it actually is. I know, I’ve got all the T-shirts!

Success is in the details, not necessarily investing in more books, coaching or business advertising. The reason why we end up investing in more is because we are blind to the truth written in the circumstances around us already.

Yes, you can see the things and the people around you but you cannot see the truth behind them even though it is easy to find if you know where to look.

I was a healing addict for about 15 years and that very habit not only affirmed that I thought I was damaged or I thought I needed more than I was BUT I never defined what I wanted to change. I simply felt miserable and went along ASSUMING these workshops would fix me!

How can anything resolve what I have not defined?

Furthermore, I never engaged my brain when the therapist tried to book me in for another healing session; I never asked why she assumed I would need it; she mirrored what I was thinking.

We cannot attract to us anything which we are not within.

How do I know which is the best self improvement book or coaching course for me?

The one that you are most attracted to, that you will actually invest in and will ensure you complete what you are asked to do.

What is the most common reason why people don’t reach their goals and attract the prosperity they want?

Distraction which is fundamentally caused by fear, lack of focus and not wanting to make the effort.

Some people don’t even complete a book they bought before they are buying another one whilst looking for ‘the one’ that is going to sprinkle magic dust over everything and they are going to wake up deliriously happy.

Breakthroughs come from defining a mission and completing the mission.

It’s fair to say that unfortunately most people look upon change with overwhelm. They take on the whole elephant at once instead of understanding that if each task required was completed (or they didn’t move onto something else until it was completed) they would arrive at their destination much faster.

The picture that comes to mind when I think of this is the yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz. It is an amazing movie for teaching us about self improvement and finding our happiness. Dorothy encounters many challenges as she follows the yellow brick road which are in fact going to happen to all of us but as Dorothy overcomes them and gets back on the yellow brick road and keeps taking steps forward (regardless of knowing what’s ahead) she finally arrives at the Emerald City.

In my experience I have found that people will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid the solution that will move them forward.

Someone once came to me asking to me to show them what was really causing the problem in a relationship and how they could solve it. I recommended a task that required them to visit their partner taking with them a delicious hamper of lunch containing their partner’s favourite wine or coffee.

Immediately I told them what to do they started to tell me precisely how events were going to unfold. (Funny how they knew what would happen before they even got there huh?)

Six months passed and in the time I reminded them about them three times but it still didn’t happen. Instead the person found it easier to fly to Australia on a $4000 self development course which they justified as “I need to work on myself more”.

With regard to the exercise that I recommended, with each resistance they came up with, I told them exactly what to say to keep it powerful knowing that eventually their partner would realise they had a problem and would come around.

The truth was that they realised the exercise would resolve the friction but their unconscious mind didn’t want to change.

It was easier to find $4000 and travel a phenomenal distance because they were defaulted to “doing it the hard way” rather than take a 15 minute bus ride up the road with a picnic hamper.

That’s the essence of the challenge we are all up against. We are defaulted to the harder way and when the simple solution is presented our body will fight the new neuralpathway trying to be built that says “it can be easy” and we will find any distraction no matter how costly rather than change our behaviour. Why is change hard?

How do I know my dominant thoughts?

Look at the physical aspects of your during the day; your actions, the people and the conversations and your possessions.

You might argue that you are working too hard and that you think about having lighter work or putting your feet up but a point of FACT is that you are misleading yourself.

A thought spurs a feeling which spurs an action. If you are overworking it means that you have an abundance of thoughts promoting hard work (for you) than any other experience; you might be aware of the conscious thoughts you willing bring up about a different job for example but the defaulted thoughts and emotions running by you throughout the day is contradicting you.

Sure you have thoughts and emotions ‘in the process of becoming’ but the evidence of whether you believe it 100% is when it actually happens.

That means that your thoughts, your feelings and your activities have to be in agreement.

Stop looking outside of your cirumstances and look inside your home and office spaces and you will be amazed at what you are allowing to exist every day (that you are blind to) that is a complete contradiction to what you are pursuing.

Bottomline is that what has made its way into a physical form is what you truly believe and while it still EXISTS nothing can manifest in its place.

The 16 Hour Formula (in Power Surge) is designed to show you power up your 16 hour waking window in the only time frame you have which is today.

If you want to uncover your true beliefs by looking at everything in your home and office space download a copy of Home Your Wealth and have your eyes opened to matrix in your mind.

What self growth tool would you recommend Annemarie that will create the biggest impact in changing my life or business, attract abundance and cost me the least

Short answer – Paying attention to the words that leave your mouth!

The words that leave your mouth are evidence of what exits in your mind… and it is important to know because what is in your mind is being sent to the Let’s Manifest This department of you as a Creator.

What you say is what you mean.

If what leaves your mind is not suggesting the lifestyle that you want to live, change it.

Likewise how you speak to other people and how you treat them verbally is how you treat yourself so you need to stop all criticism and start allowing room in your speaking for other people to have a great life.

If you recorded everything that left your mouth for one day you would probably be shocked.

If you are serious about change, ask your partner and those closest to you to help you by pointing out when you are speaking in a limited, negative, destructive way. The disclaimer I add here though is that there better be a great deal of love in your relationship and you better be serious about improving because you will get very testy when they stop you every five minutes to correct you.

The Bible makes it clear how we make anything happen, when God created the world the Bible says “God SAID “Let there be Light”. Not God created light… made light appear… discovered light… found light… read a book about light.

We are made in the image of God and therefore as Creators make things happen in the same way.

The words coming from our mouth is what is in the process of being created but the reality is that it takes a conscious effort and again people want the change but are not prepared to make the effort.

The biggest irony is that the things we need to do to create change are very simple but we don’t make it easy because our body is designed to keep itself ‘as is’ and will send an impulse of resistance to the change in our mind which we commonly experience as ‘nervousness, irritation, tiredness, nausea or fear’.

Can my life partner or business partner affect my success?

Ultimately, no other person has any power to control your success.

However, you will attract a partner who mirrors characteristics of your behaviour. If your partner is male he will mirror the dynamic of your power (and ability to make things happen physically)… if a woman she will mirror your potential and the quality of your experiences. (I highly recommend my book Marry Yourself Before You Slip Away, it will flip your perception of men and women in your life upside down and help you how much potential for change is in your hands with simple changes).

Resistance on the outside is evidence of resistance on the inside.

If you are with a partner whether that be in a close relationship or in a business, you need to observe what YOU see in them. What YOU observe as positive are characteristics that are inherent in your mind and emotions; what you don’t like or are repelled by is behaviour you need to be aware and decide whether it is something you need to stop doing… or behaviour you need to do more of.

More importantly, while the characteristics you observe are still upsetting you, it means you are still upset within and this will effect your ability to create what you want. Bad feelings attract bad experiences.

Furthermore, when you are feeling bad anything you put your hand and resources to is all infected by that energy.

Observing behaviour in your partner that upsets you does not mean you should disconnect from a partner it simply means that the relationship needs work to resolve the conflict to a peaceful place.

Generally speaking people give up on relationships too quickly simply because they can’t be bothered to make the effort or they assume people or relationships can’t change. What we fail to realise is that we attract what we are even though the person can outwardly look very different so disconnecting without first understanding our own dysfunctional behaviour means we will simply recreate the same situation all over again… just a different face, different place.

It is important that your partner be on the same page as regards your lifestyle and supports your dreams. If they do not always STOP and ask why. Then take their concerns and ask yourself if what they are expressing is somewhere in your subconscious.

Let me give you an example.

Imagine that you have started your own business and you observe that any time you talk about the business your wife gets irritated.

You stop and ask her “Honey, why are you angry all the time about my new business. I’m doing this for us so we can all have more money and free time together?

If she answers that “It means you don’t spend enough time with the kids.” , then you need to examine your own conscience and see if you are running thoughts and emotions along those lines. If you create it in your own conscience, the outside has to mirror that.

Keep in mind that you will eventually become that which you are in the presence of if there long enough so keep your close relationships full of people who are positive, uplifting and share values that are important to you.

Questions on Annemarie’s Books

There are so many books on self improvement, self growth, healing and prosperity, what would I benefit by buying yours?

Firstly, every book is different as every person writing it is unique. If you ask because you are in a mindset of “Oh what will another book do for me?” then my experience prompts me to suggest that you have somehow, without realising it, missed the point; this is common.

It is also prevalent for you to note whether you did the things that the last half dozen books recommended that you did? Perhaps you figured you would do the exercises later when you got to the juice?? If so I can certainly relate to you, that was my biggest problem.

What my books do is what I am anointed to do. I help people FOCUS by bringing them into the present moment enough to see the solutions that are under their nose but without the right perspective they would probably never have come across them.

I can confidently say that they achieve this from the feedback I get. People are usually amazed by how their vision is expanded and have often described experiences in their feedback such as ‘stunned, goose bumps, just couldn’t put it down, felt compelled to want to read it again‘ which are not experiences or vocabulary I normally read in testimonials however it leaves me with no doubt that my books do fulfill on their mission.

So this is where my books deliver; they energetically stop you from running ahead. My books almost suspend you in time to see things in a way that reveals deeply buried blocks and contradictions in your belief system. These blocks and contradictions are probably withholding the fruit from the investments you have already made.

What is the difference between Power Surge and Home Your Wealth?

Power Surge opens up a new vision of your life and demonstrates how you are living in the matrix of your mind.

It puts everything into perspective and shows you how everything is related to you; everything from a pen to your life partner. It shows you that you are in control of everything and that everything on the outside holds intangible truths about how you created it because it did get its instructions to create from you.

Home Your Wealth is a very practical way of helping you clear your mind matrix which is introduced in Power Surge. It puts you to work uncovering and deconstructing anything that doesn’t serve you by showing you the truth of what you really believe USING everything in your home.

You don’t have to read Power Surge to understand the matrix before you can understand and use the life changing exercises in Home Your Wealth.

However, Power Surge is actually my first book and as I did not anticipate the future of more books, it became a super bumper treasure. By that I mean along with giving you a fascinating new layer of vision, it also includes two very effective and practical ways to power up your mind using the 16 hours of your waking day (The 16 Hour Formula) and also a way to master your emotions (The CALL Formula) which are very valuable.

What does Self Discovery have to do with Divine Prosperity?


You were designed as a unique being, loaded with specific passions and talents that if put to use will attract to you prosperity the like of which you possibly haven’t dreamt about. This blueprint is imprinted into your cellular memory and holds the truth about where to focus your energy to be divinely fruitful.

Unfortunately, it is fair to say that most people have no idea who they are because they have succumbed to the manipulation of other people inferring who they think they should be or they have settled on a set of circumstances simply to ‘get by’; settling into the mediocre acceptance that just because they can do a job and make enough money to get by they feel justify continuing to do it.

In fact, Self Discovery should be the start of your journey.

I have worked with so many entrepreneurs who have invested so much time, energy and money into businesses and have not yielded expected profits simply because there are some critical contradictions in the matrix of what they BELIEVE they are setting in motion and they are not aware of how to see them.

Business owners can start out with the right impulse but are then cajoled into distractions by advice from accountants, designers, marketers, suppliers, customers, partners, the bank etc. etc.

Self Awareness is an area I have pursued since I can remember but failed to see how important it was to write about and help other people with.

Even when I first released the Self Discovery e-book I was actually shocked at the flood of downloads before the close of the first day which made me realise how hungry people are to get in touch with their true self.

The book is smaller and a little different in style than that of Power Surge and Home Your Wealth but it is a CRITICAL read particularly if you are feeling dissatisfied with life despite assigning money and time on self improvement and yet still feel out of control and unfulfilled.

Do you have to be interested in homes, home-making, furniture and interior design to get the most from Home Your Wealth?

Absolutely not in fact some male readers have been so moved by what they found out that they have instigated changes in their home (instead of their partner who usually runs the show!)

Home Your Wealth whilst using items in your home is essentially about getting the truth of what is in your consciousness and re-writing it the way you want.

Even though we often associate ‘home-making’ to women because they outwardly appear to be taking more practical interest, the home is the biggest expense of our lives and men who have read the book have found it fascinating (especially as it is all about them!)

If you have a keen interest in home-making and interior design you will find this book a double whammy. It will both create life transformation and let you have fun being creative; you will look at everything at home and how you use, maintina and shop for it in a very different way.

Power Surge suggests that I can magnetise wealth with ease but is this really true?

It is true to say that from a the perspective of the human condition, statistically 8 out of 10 people don’t make changes because there is an effort involved. As the benefit they have envisaged is clearly not enough to motivate them to press on through this effort they fail to make changes.

However, it is in point of fact easier to operate in a wealthy way than the contrary. It is in fact easier done than said opposed to what we are defaulted to assume by our bodily sensations that it is easier said than done.

The reason why I am confident to suggest you can make the changes with EASE is because of these two reasons:-

  • my books help you understand and recognise the urges that you need to press on through where you otherwise might sense it is something ‘wrong’ or hold you back by your physical sensations;
  • I provide ways for you to make the changes within the busyness of your current lifestyle. I have made it clear that you do not need anything else to make the change happen… you can re-programme as you go and this is how you can ‘make success easy’ as opposed to many other ways of changing your behaviour.

It is for the latter reason that I started writing in the first place. I realised that most of the practices that I invested in required me to undertake daily practices that in reality I was not motivated to keep up because it took me out of the routine I was already ‘stuck’ in.

The self development techniques, books and practices I invested in are very lucrative in terms of their potential but I knew that anything I could NOT SUSTAIN AS A HABIT, would not attain the change in behaviour I needed. The reason being that my neural pathways would constantly be de-constructing and starting construction of a new belief only to fail to establish itself as I did not keep up the consistent repetition and focus.

I spent at least 20 years devoting all my free time to healing courses and sessions trying to take control of my misery and so I fully understand the problems that people have changing their behaviour.

In fact, changing our behaviour is the hardest thing for us to do but NOT because it is actively hard but simply because we make it hard by allowing ourselves to be distracted by our emotional and physical sensations prompted by our body which is vying to keep us ‘as is’.

Why am I not able to manage my emotions the way the CALL Formula shows me; is there an easier way?

I can say with confidence that there is no easier way for you to manage your emotions (independently) than with The Call Formula.

There are possibly ways as easy, or possibly a machine out there or a drug that can alter your state of consciousness but if you are finding yourself on a roller coaster of anger, frustration, jealousy, fear etc. and need to take control of yourself, the CALL Formula is a practical, simple method for you to take full control.

Whilst this method, along with all solutions you consider, can take you 90% of the way you still have to make the effort and this is what separates the people who prosper much more than those who have too much month left at the end of the paycheck.

It is with love and understanding that I speak frankly and say that the truth is that whilst the CALL Formula is very simple and everyone can do this, you might not be having the instant result you want because you are more comfortable in the emotional state you are caught up in. Whilst your conscious mind is rationalising the benefit you will gain from making the effort, you are probably used to the unhappy state and have come to dismiss it as ‘life’. It’s not that the effort is hard but it is more a case of we want to dump the bad feeling somewhere else as fast as possible which is usually any person in our immediate vicinity at that time.

In most cases we are so used to being upset that we actually can’t relate to the benefit of what will happen when we make the change and so the motivation of gaining the benefit is not real enough for us to make the effort to take control. The benefit is simply a theory at the stage where we are flying high on the destructive emotion state we are caught up in. However I want to make it absolutely clear that if you do not take mastery over your emotional upsets you will continue to attract miserable experiences.

It is prudent to mention here the fact that I experience very intense emotional reactions (if you understand astrology, my Moon is in Scorpio in a very high degree) and realised at a young age that if I did not master these emotional explosions I would end up in serious trouble. The fact that I CAN do this (and no coincidence that I developed the Call Formula as a solution myself), means anyone can do this… and furthermore, the more you practice taking control and consciously manoevring yourself into a different state the easier it becomes. I use the CALL Formula all the time and I can say joyfully that I hardly recognise myself from the emotional wreck I used to be.