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Ever stopped to figure out Who You Are?

Your Personal Success is attached to YOU

but you are not being YOU are you?

It is not often we are asked the question “Who are you?”… if ever!

Most of us never even manifest 10% of our potential simply because we are completely messed up. We are a mess of alter egos, schizophrenic personalities… riddled with conflicts and contradictions.

The situations we find ourselves in and the questions we plague ourselves with have grown in size and have become more complicated SIMPLY BECAUSE we have grown further away from our real self. We think because circumstances change we are heading for a better life but what we are really heading for is the same experience which simply looks outwardly different.

Have you discovered your authentic self?

Who are you really? This profound breakthrough comes from asking the question “What are my values?” Often times, the way to answer this question is to discover what we don’t value which can be flipped around?


“I don’t like people who are impolite!” Great. Now you have established you like politeness.

When you hear something or see something WHICH YOU AGREE with or leaves you feeling at peace with…. this is a clear indication that you are feeling peaceful because it MATCHES YOU. This means you are establishing more definition about who you clearly are.

Nobody can give us any good feeling that does not already exist within us; they cannot put a finger on a button inside us and make the emotion go “Oh yeah, that feels good“.

We feel it because we RECOGNISE it. Recognise means to “re-cognise” i.e. to realign ourselves with perfectly.

Once you establish and be more clearer about whom you are, what do you do with this; how does this empower your experiences and bring on more of what you want?

Once you have established your values such as “I love:-

  • politeness, being sociable, kindness, having many friendships, caring about children, superficiality (or the opposite, intensity), fairness, situations where I am free to express myself, being able to work the hours I want etc.”… you must become a TEN in the behaviour of these qualities and practices.

The reason you create power by doing this is two-fold:-

  1. If you clearly define the real you and become a TEN at being you, you attract you to the power of ten.
  2. If you become a 10 at whatever value you are expressing, you help others to:-
  • Either realise they are this value and you show them a superb example of what a 10 looks and behaves like;
  • By demonstrating this value as a 10, you help others figure out more quickly what they are not! Example: you may be a superficial person which means you care about the most surface qualities such as remembering a person’s name, their child or dog’s name and so in the presence of somebody who is very intense to the power of ten you will quickly be repelledby their behaviour and they help you to see that this is not something that matters to you – you are in fact the opposite!

If you value fairness, do not automatically judge that fairness is a good or bad value and therefore because YOU value it, everyone else should. All human behaviour plays a critical and integral part in the world. Without unfairness, we would never get to feel what fairness feels like and how good it feels.

The universe is driven by laws which we need to live by in order to access the whole of our ‘personal universe’. One of the fundamental laws is the Law of Polarity which states that for everything that exists, there exists an exact and equal opposite; it is there for a reason and not to be questioned.

We spend so much of our lives questioning, experimenting, making investments into our life in the hope it will improve but we are wasting time and money.

The rules are already there but we were never taught them. Most of what we need to live a rich life has never been taught either in school or in our jobs and that is where we spend most of our time.

You can easily become a 10 at being you!

Your key to success is to become a 10 at the person you are designed to be… the way you know who you are is by listening to your true values (which I know takes courage).

You are going to have to fight to be the person you truly are because everyone around you is going to project onto you, their ideas of who they think you should be. It’s not their fault but for you to submit and play at being who they want you to be IS your fault…. or at least it is now you are aware!

* Life is not what you hoped because you made it complicated.

* You made it complicated because you didn’t get the results you wanted.

* You didn’t get the results you wanted because you kept doing the same things over and over…

* BECAUSE you didn’t know how to follow the SIMPLE RULES.

Self Discovery Exercise

ONE EXERCISE you can do to help you establish your values which DEFINE WHO YOU ARE is to think of all the people you find attractive in life and be specific about why you like them. What is it you see, hear or see that ‘feels good to you’.

Let me demonstrate by my own example. I find the following people very attractive TO ME for the following reasons:-

Oprah Winfrey – Genuinely cares about helping people;
Donald Trump – Like the way he respects himself;
Joe Vitale – I really believe this man holds love in his heart with everything he does;
Robbie Williams – I like his courage to be vulnerable and be himself.
Larry Winget – Love the direct way he teaches, he’s not afraid to tell it like it is!

Now, you may not see these things in these people, however this is what I SEE and this is WHAT I REALLY APPRECIATE… which means this is what is of VALUE TO ME and therefore the true me.

When I read Larry Winget’s book “Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life” I actually wept. I felt such a relief because in my heart of heart’s that is truly who I am. I generally hold love in my heart however I need to express that love by ‘telling it like it is’ and Larry gave me courage to be more of myself. I could see how I was still ‘playing it safe’ and not really saying what I really needed to say (as me!).

So do the exercise to find out what you really like about people and what really leaves you feeling happy and peaceful. It can be any behaviour which attracts you but get clear now! This is clearly who you are and you need to be doing more of it every day NOT doing it when you get time to think about it.

You cannot afford NOT to be yourself for one moment longer.

We are used to focusing so much of our attention on what we can see and that is why we are working blindly for the most part. It is not precisely what we do that has the biggest impact in our lives, it is the thoughts and emotions behind what we are doing that the Universal scanner takes as ‘instruction’…

…and so much of what we actually do is riddled with contradiction, anger, frustration, hopelessness, exhaustion, jealousy, low self-esteem simply because we are totally off track.

You think that, by going along to a friend’s party just because you can’t let them down when in your heart you know you really don’t want to will gain you kudos; in truth, behind the façade of turning up and smiling, is ‘disrespect’ and an ‘unhappy feeling’.

In truth, unless you can be absolutely joyful when you arrive at your friend’s house, you’ve achieved nothing. You have insulted yourself and your friend and actually been more destructive than if you’d stayed home and been honest with your friend!

Do you feel good about your name even?

About ten years ago I changed my name. I never really enjoyed being called ‘Marie’ and those feelings were hurting me for 38 years simply because nobody told me I was free to be myself and change it.

Changing my name to Annemarie has been one of the most significant catalysts in the way I feel about myself and my impact in the world.. not only did it cost me a mere $30 to change… but my parents and everyone around me embraced and started using my new name within 48 hours!

When you start being the real YOU, your real destiny will start. You are unique for a reason, if there were two of you, you would be unnecessary!

It was Albert Einstein who said “When the answer is simple, it’s God answering!”

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  1. VictoriaVictoria08-21-2009

    Thank you Annemarie! What a breakthrough, I stumbled across this article while searching for something else, it was meant to be.

    So I wrote out what I valued, in terms of what I don’t, as suggested. The lights turned on.

    As far as my name, I’ll keep it, because it means “overcomer” and so help me God I’m a survivor . . . thank you Jesus.

    Please keep up the good work.

    Love, Victoria

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