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End the war on being gay

End the war on ‘being gay’

Clarity reveals being gay is not an identity

Pain and suffering in life occurs when we are out of balance and confused. One such experience can be seen in the issue of “being gay”.

[IMPORTANT: It is important that I make clear that I am not homophobic in any way shape or form and if you are offended by this it means you have not read it clearly, you are reading what you want to read or you simply don’t want to see the truth.]

Gay (or same sex intimacy) is not an identity, it is an activity.

The only thing that defines the condition of homosexuality is the activity of sex. Take away the attraction to be intimate with the same sex and there is no ‘identity’. Working with the premise that sex is the only activity, let us put sex in perspective.

Sex is there for making a baby and is a way to express intimacy with a partner that goes beyond the usual expression in words. It is private! It is realistically less important than eating, drinking or sleeping; if they break down we start to lose ability to function.. we can function and can be richly fulfilled and successful in life without sex!

Clear perspective

In life we never introduce ourselves with “Hi, my name is Annemarie, I am white,  I have sex, I eat, drink and sleep“. The reason being that it is irrelevant. Likewise if I organised a parade, dressed up and hollered from a microphone that I had sex with my husband people would look at me confused whilst thinking “So what?“. Even the phrase “I am gay and proud” when considered, makes no sense. That’s like me saying “I have sex and I am proud“. What is there to be proud of?  Nobody cares because it is not supposed to have an impact on anyone except the person I am intimately involved with. No application form I ever filled in asked me to tick a box and identify my sexual preference or my religion because they are irrelevant.

The word heterosexual was hardly ever used until the word “gay” became a focus. It was never used because it was not relevant.

The laws of nature

The laws of nature do not provoke antagonism and resistance because we break these rules, the resistance occurs when we try to “change the rules”.

Nature is governed by the laws of creation and serve as a way to guide our understanding of how to work in harmony with the energy within us; they are an important guidance system for all our physical and emotional impulses. When I experience a man behaving as a woman I feel “repelled”. My instinct is natural and it is a truth that I should not try to change, if I do,  I am starting to blur the boundaries of all my natural instincts in exactly the same ways as witnessing anger, unkindness, jealousy does. I should instinctively be repelled by them too!

My best friend enjoyed same sex partnering

One of my two closest male friends (who has since gone to be with the Lord) preferred partnering with men. He was  a man that no matter whether he was hob-nobbing with royalty and aristocracy or whether we were hanging out in soho buying the homeless coffee and chatting, he was regarded with nothing but respect, honour and love. Everyone loved him. His sexuality remained respected and honoured because of his attitude. His sexual relationships were as private as everyone else’s.

My friend created no separation and therefore he never courted controversy and antagonism in his surroundings. His ‘identity’ was attached to his purpose as a very successful business man and never an identification or a description of himself as ‘gay’.

My friend broke the laws of nature just as I do when I get angry with my husband … but neither of us try to fight for these natural laws to be encouraged.

The ‘disharmony’ that arises into both a personal life and the world stage is happening because whilst a person clings to “gay” as an identity or create separation it is repelling. Every form of trying to carve out and establish homosexuality as an identity in terms of separate clubs, trying to change the laws of marriage and having children or simply creating publicity… the more nature will rebel. The more we try to establish a culture and lifestyle attached to homosexuality the more pain will continue to arise. It may look like it is accepted for the most part but it will burst out somewhere else, nature will always win. The reason is because:-

1. Sexuality is being used as a misguided form of separation and create its own ‘law’ which nature abhors; and
2. It distracts the spirit of the individual from living out their unique identity in terms of their purpose.

The forces of darkness are clever

We live in a world where the dark forces are cleverly trying to get us to change divine laws or make situations “normal” knowing that most people are afraid to speak about truth for fear of being rejected. The methods are subtle and clever and because we don’t like to be unpopular we go along with it. That’s how Hitler empowered his mission and brainwashed people into submission.

If you are supporting the establishment of gay as an identity you are being swept into the chaos.

As gay no longer distracts, peace rises

Every person attracted to the same sex can live a fulfilled, joyful life in love with a wonderful partner. It is available and not something to have to fight for unless it is an accepted belief within which will always attract unacceptance. My best friend is proof of that, however the more a person tries to label themselves with this false sense of identity and the more we enourage it, there will always be a wave of antagonistic resistance in the energies of our world and individual’s lives. My friend’s partnering was irrelevant to his sense of self and his sense of unique genius. As he loved and accepted himself he never felt the need to debate it or fight for ‘rights’. He gave himself the right to love his male friend just as privately as most of us conduct our relationships so he never experienced rejection outwardly.

It is right that each individual should open up the possibility to be flawed and still yet loved, respected and honoured but it will never be healthy to establish it as an identity carving out separation.

Politically Correct – another manipulation

We are becoming a society where we keep pushing issues under the carpet justifying ignorance by using the phrase it is not “politically correct”. Politically correct means “demonstrating progressive ideals, esp by avoiding vocabulary that is considered offensive, discriminatory, or judgmental, esp concerning race and gender. Every time we use the words “homosexual, black, latino etc.” they are discriminating and infer separation. If we want these issues to stop being ‘an issue’ we need to stop talking about them and defining our identity as  “I am black, I am white, I am gay“… if it’s irrelevant then we should stop identifying ourselves under those descriptions.

Empowerment – no more ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’

As we each remove the word “gay and homosexual” from our dialogue, we will see more tolerance from the natural forces of creation as the focus changes to something more powerful. We are all responsible for every form of suffering in the world but how we change it needs careful thought… not more attention.

Sexual intimacy is private, it is nobody’s business and is not self-expression! So if we live along with nature and keep it where it naturally belongs, we are left to focus on our divine purpose and why God put us here which is the REAL POINT of our lives.

If in the case of same sex relationships we take sex off the table and out of the conversation, the question left is the same for any individual… who are you, why are you here as a vessel to help the world? That’s your identity. End the confusion, take homosexuality out of the the equation just as heterosexuality is, then nature will not fight back. More importantly, the dark forces will no longer be able to use it to distract people into fighting or feeling bad about themselves!

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa — “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

For same sex relationships to be accepted as equally as heterosexuality, its separate identity must stop getting attention.

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