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The Sound of Music – The epiphany!

As I started watching the Sound of Music for about the 15th time I had no idea I had missed something very important… I guess it was the time for this gem to be revealed.

Maria (Julie Andrews), being convinced she was going to be a nun and devote her life to the convent was now out “being of service” in the community as a governess to the seven Von Trapp children. Maria had no idea what was about to happen. She had no idea that she was about to fall in love with Captain Von Trapp and he fall in love with her. As she started to feel these “passionate” feelings she had “never felt before” she panicked and ran back to the convent.

Maria why have you come back?

Mother Superior asked to see Maria and asked why she was back. Maria explained that she had experienced these feelings in her heart and was afraid because she had already decided “to devote herself to God“.

Mother Superior explained to Maria that the convent was not a place to hide from her truth or her feelings. As Maria became more confused she asked Mother Superior, “So what do I do?”.

This is the advice for all of us who have made decisions when our hearts may still be talking to us….

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Epiphany – Don’t decide Maria. Feel!

God has spoken a dream over every life and it calls to us through our passions. Many times because something is working for a time we decide this is “our lot”. Even though Maria had made the decision to become a nun she assumed this was her destiny but it was actually only the call to visit the convent so she could finally find the Von Trapp family and her true calling; her assignment that calls upon her divine skills!

If you have not found your dream then keep following every mountain, ever stream and every rainbow. “A dream that will need all the love you can give every day of your life for as long as you live”

Don’t settle.

You may be in a valley for a reason leading you to your biggest passion.

Don’t settle.

Have you found your life’s passion?

Follow your heart and when your heart stops feeling passion it could be because it is ready for a new mountain or ready to discover a new rainbow.

Pray to God that His will be done, that the dream He has spoken over your life and your heart comes to pass then don’t stop where you are unless you have found your place and your heart has stopped aching.

Then listen for what excites you, calls on your energy, devotion, stamina and what you feel  needs fixing that you want to be part of. You are here for a reason, the world needs your specific gifts just as Maria found her perfect place.

God has already factored time into the plan, you have enough… don’t settle the best is yet to come!

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