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Your unique Assignment and why it must be recognised

Your genius uncovers your life purpose which reveals your financial freedom

Each one of us have a unique Assignment. We are created on purpose with a unique job to do. This Assignment is so unique that every other place on the Earth is lacking because of it and we carry it within us. It is so unique and important that a band of Angels are assigned to protect us and guide us until it is completed!

If you study everything that was ever created or will be created it is only created to solve a particular problem. Money is attracted to us only as problems are solved. We are born with a problem to solve and it is unique; no other person on the face of the Earth can solve this problem.

How do we recognise our unique self?

Your Assignment is something very specific to you that you are continuously passionate about. It is something that you do, think or say that wants to solve a problem. It is something that we always want to talk about. No matter what kind of situation we are in or whomever we are talking to we have it in focus and want to curve the situation around to focusing on it or doing it.

Sometimes it helps to ask people who honour you or speak well of you WHY they feel so ATTRACTED to you. What do you do for them?

Think about the world at large and ask what are the things that provoke constant anger and frustration. What is the one or maybe the two things that you see that you want so passionately to CORRECT… and how would you like to go about it?

Another key to recognising and fully understanding your purpose is what  to ask yourself the question “What is the thing that I fear the most. What is the situation that brings me to my knees, has me panicking or investing to avoid?” This is the area where you are here to provide strength on the Earth.

My example by demonstration.

The one place that brings me to my knees is being unhealthy BECAUSE I feel I have no power. If I am unwell I no longer have independence, I feel dis-abled and helpless. It shows me the ‘feeling powerful and in control’ is paramount to me. When I look at my Assignment which is the wisdom in being able to see the outer world as an exact and precise Mirror on my inner world, I see that the drive behind it is to regain CONTROL. This vision enable me to see how I have power and how to use it.

So perhaps it will help you if you look at what brings you to your knees first and then consider the detail of how you solve it in your unique way.

Money comes when we solve problems.

Your Assignment is the key to your salary and financial freedom and it is something that comes natural and is easier than maybe all the other things you think you need to do to achieve a prosperous life.

The guy who is working three jobs is doing so because he has not understood or recognised his Assignment. All sickness, poverty, hardship stems from rebellion either against sharing their Assignment to solve problems or lack of recognising your unique Assignment.

Success is not about achieving it is about Discovering the key to our Purpose and then go about using it to solve problems.

That is why I feel the power in the phrase Self Discovery and why I feel Self Development seems to take so long. Self Development brings to mind an imagine that I have to become more, need more whilst Self Discovery provokes the image that I am already there and simply need bringing out.

Discover Your Assignement and discovery your financial freedom

Your genius magnetises your prosperity

You are enough. You are a genius. In the world’s current population of 6.9billion people, there is no one that can solve the problem you can the way you can.

Stop. Take stock of what you are doing to provide financial stability and ask is your Assignment in there? If not, you are making life very difficult for yourself.

Wisdom is the divine reaction to a human problem. When knowing your DIFFERENCE you should be able to describe it in one sentence.

When you are working your Assignment you will see favour in your life, things will flow more easily, their will be a fragrance instead of an odour! You will have relentless energy instead of exhaustion. It will excite you and you will feel your body want to move when you think of ‘fixing’ this problem in people’s lives.

It will never go away… it will only become more painful the more you ignore it. The Angels have their Assignment too remember!

There are many people around you that are suffering because they are off-track, share this article with them, it could be the day their life changes for the better!


Find the right career or job to fulfill your life purpose

Self Discovery

Uncover your Unique Genius & Assignment

PROSPERITY ATTACHED TO YOUR GENIUS. You were created on purpose. You are universally unique. You were made with a specific mission and your prosperity is attached to that specific mission. You have no competition (even as a business owner). Free yourself up to be unapologetically you and see life prosper and flow in ways you only dreamed about.

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  1. Gail KasperGail Kasper01-04-2012

    This is great information! I love how you discuss the different ways to discover yourself. One of the hardest steps to take in life involves personal evaluation. ANY step you take to do something different and explore new ground, empowers you. This is something I learned throughout my journey and share in detail in my autobiography. I was completely lost and hopeless before I discovered my career and life dreams.

    Gail Kasper
    Motivational Speaker and Author
    Another Day Without A Cage: My Breakthrough From Self-Imprisonment To Total Empowerment

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