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Depression and exercise

How the state of depression is moved by exercise

Words give us vital clues to how we create situations and more importantly how to solve them.

The word depression means “The action of lowering something or pressing something down.

This helps us understand how to move our state out of this place. Depression occurs when a person finds themself feeling low or is pressed down.

To put this into a more human and practical understanding, depression happens when our mind does not SEE us in a situation where we can be fully be ourself, feel free and joyful; when our mind sees us in a place where we are feeling stuck, held back or confused as to how to move.

Yes, of course we all experience regular bouts of this condition it small doses but when it continues without any glimpses of a person being able to see “movement” or a picture that brings them any sense of joy or hope, the body signals what is happening in the mind and shuts down accordingly.

Hope is critical, not an add on

The absense of hope is simply the evidence that a different situation or solution cannot be visualised.

Hence the feeling of no energy as the mind doesn’t have a picture to transmit to the body to suggest energy is required. If we don’t see ourselves doing anything, we don’t require any energy. That is why it is natural for the body to want to curl up on the sofa (or never get out of bed). The body is a machine and without an image of action is has to reason to move.

Don’t think exercise, think “movement in my life”

The reason why exercise is so critical when depression sets in (or to prevent it happening) is because it is a very simple way to prompt the mind into movement.

Keep in mind that wherever the body goes the mind goes and vice versa.

Therefore, when the body starts to move it triggers movement in the mind and can help track the mind out of repeated patterns of despondency and stuckness.

Depression and exercise as a healing solution

Often we do not know what causes the “depression” or what precisely will retrack us into a sense of life is moving or going somewhere again. We often spend too much time analysing and trying to figure out why. This is particularly prevelant in this information age when we are bombarded by new ideas, opinions and opportunities.

The reality is that we are so complex and saturated in so many unconscious experiences, memories and genetic programming that we may never know. Better to focus on how to create movement which is actually the feeling which is causing the REAL PAIN.

If exercise can work, why all this talk about nutrition?

Nutrition is simply another way of healing depression. The word “nutrition” is the act of nourishment… and  “nourishment” means “that which sustains life and growth”. It is always important to listen to the feeling that causing the “pressing down or withdrawal”. Perhaps the feeling is not a lack of movement but a feeling of lacking lustre or “richness” in our experiences… then this could be a sign from the body that nutrition is the area feeling depleted in a critical mineral, vitamin or healthy fat.

We don’t need more information

Though we are flooded by information as to how we are creating life as we know it, it is not making it easier, we only have to look at the world to see the evidence. Even if you figure out why, you have still got to “take action” to move something!

At times when you feel stuck either creatively or can see no “change” in your circumstances… stop analysing and throwing dialogue and resources at the situation… go for a long run, long power walk, long bike ride where you can get your blood pumping, giving your circulation a blast and your muscles pumping. If you can exericse in nature you gain because nature resonates healing energies that can overpower darkness but essentially the exercise is priority for the body to “FEEL MOVEMENT”. Walking in the forest may not invoke such a feeling (sometimes it can provoke a space to start analysing and thinking even more!).

You will even make the same mistakes again so analysing them to death won’t prevent future stuckness. If you are more analytical, as I am and spend much time in your mind, then exercise is by far your best solution!

Move that body to move those thoughts!

Keep in mind that the body mirrors your imagination and thoughts so when you are “pressed down and feeling low” every part of your body takes on that state. Long before I discovered a passion for running and cycling I got rid of depression by having colonic cleansing. God had already showed me that if I wanted the grey on the outside to go I could clean out the grey on the inside! I constantly suffered from bouts of suicidal, hopeless feelings. When I looked out into life “I could not see any colour“. My solution was to focus on my body. Today I focus on exercise to create the “flush out, cleaning, inner blow out” or whatever you want to call it.

Don’t exercise just because it’s healthy, it won’t work!

When you are feeling depressed, “being healthy” is a phrase that means absolutely nothing! The reason being that when you say the phrase you often don’t have a picture by which the body can feel something. The body is only motivated when it has a clear picture to see itself in.  Give your body a more motivating reason … say “body, let’s get our life moving… the darkness is convincing us we are stuck… we are not, let’s move and take away its power!”. You will likely feel your body wanting to more than hearing the words “we need to be more healthy”.

– Open your lungs to going beyond where they are stuck at.
– Muscles need to be pushed beyond where they are stuck at and re-track the programme they are stuck in.

Don’t think exercise, think “I am going to move my life out of this stuck pattern”… and accompany everything thing you do with prayer. Do not try to heal everything yourself or even think it is your fault, it is not. No matter how strong, independent, self aware and wise you are, if you are a human you need help to achieve the joy, bliss and dreams that God has spoken over your heart. Depression is not your destiny, don’t let the darkness fool you, get that body moving.. you can even pray while you run and cycle, not only is it free but it IS the most powerful thing you can do to “move your life into a more glorious place”.

Albert Einstein (a scientiest who studied and analysed his whole life) said, “When the answer is simple, it is God answering.”


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