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Decision is a recipe for success

Decision is a recipe for success

There are two fundamental reasons why experiences do not come into being:-

1. We do not actually make the decision; and/or

2. Once a decision is made we do not manage it daily until it comes into being.

A decision is actually a recipe, it is a predefined order for something specific to happen and then like a recipe it requires us to undertake behaviour to complete the instruction.

What does that mean in life terms?

If we take the example of getting in shape and regaining a lean, healthy body, it means we first take the decision “I am going to regain a lean, strong body” and then, each and every day I am going to get up and affirm to myself that I am going to do my best to stick with a plan to make it happen. If I slip up, I don’t quit (I made the decision!), I simply forgive myself and vow to do better.

In most cases what happens is that maybe we have made the decision on Monday but by Tuesday we have heard about another solution or have started to doubt and question our plan because we have seen or heard something which contradicts what we were so certain about less than 24hours ago… or we simply don’t feel like doing what we need to do and I can tell you if you are following a plan based on ‘your feelings’ you are doomed now!

Successfully realising you are as clear as mud!

If you were able to monitor your thoughts and feelings about what you want, you would be shocked to see how much ‘contradiction’ there is within you.

I have recommended so many people on the best plan to stay in shape which is the one I use and you have no idea how many times they make the decision and then start listening to contradicting advice that puts the plan into question.

The point is that the information they hear is probably correct in suggesting another way of reaching the goal, but they have now quit their decision because they are considering another plan!

Sound familiar?

Distraction is our #1 enemy to success

Our world is awash with information, advice, solutions, alternative choices and it is not the information which is the problem, it is our inability to be ‘certain’ enough to ‘commit’ to the recipe and follow through.

The irony is that if we felt like eating a chocolate cake for example and went to the shop and bought a cake mix, we would not doubt that if we follow the recipe on the back of the box the cake would not turn out exactly like the one on the front; the chocolate cake would as ready and as certain as the coffee!

Our ‘requests’ fail because we let ourselves get distracted. When you make a request to the creative force, it shall be so provided you stay in alignment with what you need to do to maintain the result UNTIL it comes into being.

Success of a plan is not an overnight event and the ‘when’ cannot be determined by you, however, it will come to fruition. Can I also remind you that patience does not mean just ‘waiting’. Patience means keeping a good attitude ‘while you wait’. These are fundamentally different behaviours.

Decision time so the universe can reveal success

So the question I encourage you to ask is what have you made a decision about (or haven’t made the decision yet)?


How many times do you doubt, get distracted, change your mind, entertain information contradicting the possibility that your decision will come about EACH AND EVERY DAY?

  • If you are going to get in shape MAKE THE DECISION NOW
  • If you are going to change your career, MAKE THE DECISION NOW
  • If you want to be healthier, MAKE THE DECISION NOW
  • If you want your business to be more successful MAKE THE DECISION NOW
  • If you want to spend more time with your kids MAKE THE DECISION NOW
  • If you want your hobby to become a career MAKE THE DECISION NOW

…then each morning, get clear about what needs to happen and the things you need to stay away from…

…then do not doubt it will happen by staying away from anything in yourself or anyone else suggesting that it won’t.

You are doing too many things which you dismiss as ‘irrelevant’ which are blocking you progress. You can see the evidence of them inside your home hidden in so many blindspots.

Just think about this, how many times do you believe that your business is going to become more successful and then open emails with subject lines like “The economy is going to the dogs… Customers are cutting back spending on [your product] because a financial crisis“.

Your action to open that email is evidence that somewhere in your mind you believe this as a possibility. You’re human I know, you are curious but regardless of your curious nature which does have a purpose, you must be in control of your actions and align them with the decision you have made about the life you want. It is the one thing that separates you from success or failure.

What has helped me really ‘GET’ what needs to happen is the analogy of going to a car showroom to buy a car. I know that if I don’t decide the colour, the process will not even begin. Then once I have decided the car, colour, accessories etc. I simply work each day to come up with the money. I will get the car when I have acquired enough money to meet the price and can go and exchange the money for the car… in other words, when I have done enough to prove I am serious about this car. It doesn’t work if I have even acquired the money if I still haven’t decided whether I want red or blue.

In life though what happens more often than not is that we get excited, even make the decision about the car but because we don’t come up with the money quick enough we get disillusioned and go spend the money we have acquired thus far on something else to fulfil that void. We figure ‘Oh what the heck I can get the car later, I’m getting bored with waiting, I need something now’ and it is this habit which stops us acquiring anything of substance. The irony is (and something we fail to overlook or even realise) is that with everything substantial we achieve we develop a muscle which brings on more substantial things much easier now we have developed the muscle.

Imagine what would happen if when women got pregnant they gave themselves an option every day ‘to opt out’. I suspect the world would have ended long ago. Excepting the events that are beyond our control and possibly a hand of fate, ‘birthing’ a child is a committed decision and once the decision is confirmed by ‘I am pregnant’ then the recipe has begun and the mother wakes up each day knowing what she has to do to nurture this experience.

There are most certainly challenges and mothers can ‘feel bad’ every day for nine months in some cases but the commitment always pays off and that joy of meeting this bundle of joy when it finally comes out is nothing short of ecstatic. In fact though the pain is beyond expression, any mother I have ever spoken to has said that the joy of holding that baby dissolved the memory of the pain and they forgot about it shortly afterwards.

The bottom line is that the Universe takes its instructions from our dominating thoughts, feelings and actions and the contradiction we create every day is more widespread than you realise.

Those people who decide and then align their activities in mind, emotion and action to support what they have decided WIN.

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