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Computers: the mechanics of how you prosper

Computers: in love with yourself or getting nowhere fast?

For years I was frustrated at why I spent so much of my time having to learn about webpages and source code so I could help my husband in our business.

One day in a moment of explosive frustration my husband shouts “Aaaarrggh I wish humans were more like computers!”

I laughed. “They work exactly like computers” I replied.

Computers have been made by human minds

Computers are a physical expression of what we can achieve… they have proven the following:-

– We can create anything as big and as prosperous or as evil as we want from just sitting on a chair and using our hands.

– It takes the same amount of effort to create “R I C H” as it does “P O O R”. Go on try it. If you can type then you know that you rest your wrists on the keyboard and as you stretch for the four letters in each case it takes the same amount of energy… but the experience between these two are worlds apart.

– Computers have proven that by sitting on a chair and using our hands we can actually harness the assistance and support of everyone in the world.

– Computers have achieved all this with words (characters) and images. The digital cables represent the magnetic transmission that already exists in the universe which is always at your disposal and that’s why you don’t lay the cables! If you were to see the script to your sitting room it would look something like this.

Understanding your unconscious scripts using everything in your life

So why do we get so frustrated with computers. We get frustrated because they mirror how we work inside. We like what they can achieve but when something goes wrong we can’t be bothered to find out why… we just assume it is a bug. Yes it may be a bug but the bug is us. Just ask what you are ‘bugging’ yourself about… the irritation it causes will manifest as an irritation in everything… including your computer. I used the word but as an example but if you listen to your frustration you will have the eternal answer to why everything is the way it is.

A computer can do nothing without a precise instruction. Those instructions whilst may not have come directly from our hands have come about because we are attracting it.

All those seemingly random messages about installation and free downloads that popup will usually be dealt with the same way life is…

  • we either close our eyes and just press defaultly press the install button because we can’t be bothered to consider the consequences…
  • ..or we ‘close’ the opportunity because we are afraid of what might happen or afraid it will cost us too much time to read and understand what the update provides.

Either way, these boxes are popping up in our lives every day and whilst they demonstrate we wish everything would stay the same… if we want to improve then we must handle these… question is… how do you handle them?

What do computers say about you?

Look at your attitude to computers and the digital world because it will tell you truths about yourself. There is no right or wrong attitude. Your only focus needs to be how to clean up the contradictions within you. The computer has brought everything we are outside of ourselves so we can see it more objectively and see the truth of what we can achieve… but also how we are resistant to understanding ourselves. When you study computers I can tell you they are incredibly simple and WILL change with a simple instruction change. Your physical life is exactly the same, the instructions are coming from you.

Observe what happens when you go on Facebook. Watch your behaviour. What are you attracted to? Do you have a mission when you go on and do you stick to that mission?

Every time I have a computer problem I just call my husband over and he fixes it. He fixes it because I am manipulating my mind such that I attract what I need to get things done. The goal in life is to achieve what needs to be done…. not to have to fix everything and understand everything.

Look at the global picture. With all these software options why are there so many conflicts when you try and install many of them. Well if computers are designed by humans they mirror the mindset of humans. Why doesn’t every person work together and when they do something give consideration to everyone involved in that experience? If we are interested in a software idea, why don’t we find someone already paving the way and hook up?

Changes don’t require big investments

When studying the source code that writes the instructions to create anything from a simple box on the page to installing a video… I quickly learned that a missing fullstop or question mark can take a whole business offline in a second. I learned that details are everything. The size of what I wanted to create didn’t matter as much as looking at getting the instructions precise. This is how your life works too. Everything has either got better or worse because of the routine practices from when you had breakfast until when you climbed into bed.

Have you noticed the onslaught of update after update? Ever feel that there is so much new stuff that you are not completing or mastering one practical thing? It is a mirror of our lifestyle and our minds.

Decide on a few things that work for you and stick with them. The more you try to change in your life the less you will accomplish. Yes, we cannot ignore the digital age but just because the rest of the world is doing it doesn’t mean you have to do it to0.

The computer shows you the power you have to produce miraculous results… however it also shows you the amount of information that you must DROP and IGNORE that can distract you. The computer also proves that is the detail of what you say each day (scripting instructions) that will determine how your life is formed into experiences… and nothing in life happens without you having been part of it. If you created it you have the power to reverse and transform it.

Important question about your relationship with prosperity

1. Identify the problems you have with computers and digital devices. Mirror it back as a metaphor for your relationship with how you operate. Now consider what you need to do to remove the irritations and resistance. The pain of all life is in the emotions not the actual activity. Perhaps your realisation is that you are too afraid to ask for help in this world… or perhaps you realise you are trying to keep up with something you honestly have no interest in… or alternatively you are incredibly impatient and it is your impatience that keeps making you skip a critcal step that would get you a result. Stop and explore your feelings and listen to the words.

2. Think about why you have a computer or why you think you need one and what you want to accomplish and focus only on the success of those things. Keep in mind that the internet now represents the world at your fingertips and be careful what you let yourself get sucked into… your biggest enemy today is distraction.

3. Lastly, if you are thoroughly excited about computers and/or you can’t do without them ask yourself why. What is the feeling? That gives you a clue as to what is important to you and must be satisfied in life.



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