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  • Struggling in your relationships?

    Take a good look at your partner – pay attention to what upsets you!

    Divorce and relationship breaks up are sadly becoming fashionable. If we really knew the truth behind the dynamic of our relationships we would not walk away so lightly. If our partner is a man, they are playing out the behaviour of our own dynamic of POWER (the ability to make things happen in the physical). If our partner is a woman, they are playing out the behaviour of our own dynamic of POTENTIAL (the quality of the experience of all your activities and resources). The problem is not that we decide to end the ‘commitment’, the problem is that too many people walk away without taking responsibility for what they are doing that causes the ‘pain’. We walk away because we feel we are not in control but we are!

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  • Focus on being sick and tired

    Discover your real focus and stay there. Some people know early on in life what they are born to do and pursue it with all consuming passion. The clarity comes from the passion which unconsciously drives their focus and so learning how to is not necessary. For others like me it is something that is discovered after a longer process; maybe simply because in my case I didn’t know how to read the signs. I didn’t know how there was a specific plan for my life or how to know what road to take.

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  • Know your man and attract prosperity

    Prosper an abundant life in your life with your man As many of my articles have explained, our relationships are a mirror of the relationship within ourself and to be prosperous we have to be in the flow. So ladies, let’s take a look at …

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  • Prosperity spotted in your relationships

    What do your relationships reveal about how to align your power and your potential? In short, your relationships show you the relationship within yourself and for prosperity to flow the dynamic must be reflect what prosperity stands for… …a thriving, flourishing condition. OK so what does that mean?

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  • Self Discovery: New eBook out!

    Self Discovery eBook – lost secrets to the true you

    Self Discovery unlocks the lost secrets to discovering your true, autentic self (personality testing at its most fruitful). Self Discovery uncovers your individual core influences; the crucial keys to success. Prosperity that has your name on it will be found where your unique assignment is; the place where your specific life mission was pre-ordained. Free yourself up to be unapologetically you and see life prosper and flow in ways you only dreamed about. ..

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  • Success indicator: The why syndrome

    I believe I will be successful, I think!

    If I say your life will become what you believe you will probably say that you know that. If I say you don’t believe what you think you believe you might ask how so? For the last ten years I have worked closely with entrepreneurs. What I have discovered is that they constantly prove over and over that what they fundamentally say they believe is actually not the case and it comes as a shocking surprise to many. The key to revelation and breakthrough is the word why…

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  • Success Principle: Serve or Suffer

    Serv(ice) or Suffer – Success or Misery It is becoming overly apparent that the miserable experiences that have been happening within our lives have been happening because we have misunderstood ‘how’ to make joyful experiences happen. Life is essentially an illusion but it has taken …

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  • Ever stopped to figure out Who You Are?

    Every stopped to figure out who you truly are? Your success is attached to who you are.. but you are not being you are you? Find out how to be your true self and tap into your TRUE success. The answers are simple but we are used to living in a complicated way, i.e. completely off-track. We are living with conflicts and contradictions of ourself and that is why the Universal Bank cannot find us. Clean up the chaos and confusion once and for all and discover your personal joy.

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