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  • Don't make any woman feel bad about himself

    Relationship says don’t want the same things anymore

    Let’s break up we’re not on the same page! News flash, you never were. Even when you thought you were.. and you never will. It’s an illusion, just a story you’re telling yourself because you can’t see the real problem. When you bought the house you thought …

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  • Relationship counselling, conflict resolution

    Relationship says partner won’t let me

    Whether the problem is an intimate relationship, family relationship or business relationship, the first question we ask is, is this a man or woman that I am upset with? This determines if our inner matrix is alerting us as to whether our non-physical reality or our physical reality is the problem? If a woman it reveals…

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  • End the war on being gay

    End the war on ‘being gay’

    Clarity always reveals where true power lies. Pain and suffering in life occurs when we are out of balance and confused. One such experience can be seen in the issue of “being gay”. Gay (or same sex intimacy) is not an identity, it is an activity. The only thing that defines the condition of homosexuality is …

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  • Are you feeling offended, it is because you are confused

    Prosperity can be offended but how?

    “Being offended” is an emotional condition. It is a disturbance caused by two opposing voices within our soul. Being offended is a state of confusion and it is confusion that stops movement. The need for movement is an instinctual and critical part of our nature encouraging us to keep moving. That is why God showed this law…

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  • Prosperity through courage to be yourself

    Here is an exercise to help you get clear about your unique path to living a prosperous fulfilling life. You might want to get a piece of paper just to help you see yourself in print. What we are doing with this exercise is re-cognising you with your divine, unique personality. This exercise demonstrates how you are attracted to that which you are. Who you truly are is your winning formula.

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  • How does a woman bleeding effect you?

    Male and female ‘nature’ tell you how to win and what we must go through. We are all male and female inside. We manifest in separate genders so we can see the true characteristics so we know how to ‘marry’ them within. However we never got the manual and so prosperity gets held back as we muddle through! One prosperity signpost is reflected in women bleeding every month…

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  • You are the last to see your genius show up

    Fulfillment and prosperity can often delude us because our perspective is upside down. Prosperity comes to us as we put our genius out into the world to deliver and free others. As we seed our gifts into others’ our life will become more fulfilling and prosperous. If you don’t know about this process, the confusion can cause you to miss the mark not only in your own career/business but in other people’s gift in your life…

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  • Success, is it too simple to accept?

    The line between success and failure is very slim. The irony about life is that the energy, time and effort is the same to be rich as poor. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it. It is hard to believe but someone struggling demonstrates every day that they have bundles of stamina, commitment, self- discipline and determination so the deciding factor is not attached to these kinds of efforts! A criminal has all the attributes to be wealthy! So what is the detail which turns failure to success. Why does stamina, commitment, self-discipline and determination product a prosperous life for some and not for others?

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  • Quieten your way to successful experiences

    Ever been to a meeting or finished a project and heard yourself saying to a colleague “well how do you think it went?” I did this a while ago and as I moved to open my mouth this strong voice shouted “SHUT UP”. Took me back a bit but I shut up and listened. The voice went on to say “It happened, you fulfilled your commitment. Unless you are going to say anything to enhance the results SHUT UP!”

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  • Prosperity waiting are you reading the signs!

    Prosperity; you don’t need more information, you need revelation

    If you have read my past articles you will now know that a woman is revealing elements about the condition of your potential… and a man, revealing elements about the condition of your power. OK, so let’s imagine you are experiencing upset between you and your partner or you and other close relationships. It all looks devastating, you feel out of control, your heart hurts, you are angry and frustrated… but it feels a lot worse than it actually is. Freedom and breakthrough is much easier than you imagine.

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