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  • Home security mirrors inner security

    Are you housing yourself in a secure way?

    Living with a feeling of insecurity in your home can create a ripple effect and repell improvements you were hoping would come about. I recently broke both my wrists at the fitness centre because of feeling very insecure. I only had a square metre of space but what I was feeling caused a big problem. I could feel …

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  • Story: Prosperity in the furniture

    In this story, Annemarie is actually me, the author. My life was changing in amazing ways, in fact I was attracting success in areas I wasn’t even aware I had thought possible. I had found my dream man, was enjoying the luxury of working from home and doing what I am born to do.

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  • Self Development Conference in your Sitting Room

    I’m guessing if you are reading this you are a person who is very interested in improving the quality of your life. I’m even hedging my bets that you’ve invested a lot of time, money and energy in all kinds of personal development books, courses, seminars in the pursuit of more success (great news… determination always pays off!).

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  • Secrets Blocking Your Success

    For the last twenty five years, I’ve explored so many areas of metaphysics and spirituality. Bearing in mind what’s available today, you can imagine how many CDs, books, tapes etc. by the world’s highly regarded masters, I have stored away. ‘Stored away’ being the point! …

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  • Home your wealth – Book

    Change your life by changing your home

    Your home, office and personal spaces are full of hidden secrets about why the life you want is still escaping you. Hidden blocks in the subconscious matrix of your mind can be revealed and dissolved using your home. In order to transform yourself, your habits need to be consistent which means you must be doing something which can be done during your current day. If not, chances are it won’t happen regularly. What you discover in your home will amaze you…

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  • Success indicator: The why syndrome

    I believe I will be successful, I think!

    If I say your life will become what you believe you will probably say that you know that. If I say you don’t believe what you think you believe you might ask how so? For the last ten years I have worked closely with entrepreneurs. What I have discovered is that they constantly prove over and over that what they fundamentally say they believe is actually not the case and it comes as a shocking surprise to many. The key to revelation and breakthrough is the word why…

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