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  • Depression can be moved by exercise

    Depression and exercise

    Words give us vital clues to how we create situations and more importantly how to solve them. The word depression means “The action of lowering something or pressing something down.” This helps us understand how to move our state out of this place. Depression occurs when a person finds themself feeling …

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  • Simply life, learn to be your authentic self

    Simplify or lose your authentic self to confusion

    Be in the world but not of it. Don’t measure yourself by how you fit into the ideas of others, measure the world in terms of how it fits into your ideas. Your ideas are best.. until a better one comes along! We live in a tsunami of information. We are bombarded with ideas and opinions . Before you start worrying about how you keep up …

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  • Move out of depession and into prosperity

    Depression, happy pills and a new perspective

    Where’s my U-Turn? With any form of unhappiness in life the perfect solution lies precisely where the problem is. The word depression means slump and sunken. This ‘withdrawal’ is our body and mind showing us that we are not seeing clearly. It is a natural and healthy mechanism which helps us know when we can’t see …

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  • Law of attraction switched off sometimes

    Not so, ever. The law of attraction is constant and works for everybody in the same way all the time. If we accept the law of attraction then we must accept that we are magnetising everything that happens to us even though we cannot see how and why. We cannot manipulate it every time something comes along we don’t like and blame it on…

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  • Prosperity: Life is not fair

    For decades I believed that life was fair and that we are all equal, probably but it was one of those things I assumed without really digging deeper. The laws of nature work for everyone but the laws are not the problem, we are. Nor do we change when we have had enough pain, this is nonsense. Pain sends us inward wanting to pull back from life. Only joy and pictures of happines motivate us to put in effort; we are not stupid…

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  • Success story, healing power

    Success was just one scream away for Jonathan. As I was waiting for the healing workshop I was attending to begin, I noticed this guy wondering around the room who made me a little nervous. He could barely stand up straight and was walking and talking as though he was drunk and/or on drugs. He was incoherent and his cardigan was hanging off one shoulder as the right side of his body seemed unable to hold itself up. I knew the facilitator was…

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  • Success, is it too simple to accept?

    The line between success and failure is very slim. The irony about life is that the energy, time and effort is the same to be rich as poor. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it. It is hard to believe but someone struggling demonstrates every day that they have bundles of stamina, commitment, self- discipline and determination so the deciding factor is not attached to these kinds of efforts! A criminal has all the attributes to be wealthy! So what is the detail which turns failure to success. Why does stamina, commitment, self-discipline and determination product a prosperous life for some and not for others?

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  • Focus on being sick and tired

    Discover your real focus and stay there. Some people know early on in life what they are born to do and pursue it with all consuming passion. The clarity comes from the passion which unconsciously drives their focus and so learning how to is not necessary. For others like me it is something that is discovered after a longer process; maybe simply because in my case I didn’t know how to read the signs. I didn’t know how there was a specific plan for my life or how to know what road to take.

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  • Health and prosperity relating to your colon

    Your colon: relationship with your prosperity

    Every single function of your body mirrors the function in your life. Every part of you was created for a specific reason. It is astounding how many diseases (dis-eases) and sick conditions are linked back to your colon. When you understand the function in your body it is easy to see why. By understanding why one organ was created, this enables you to see how your body talks to you through its part about where the struggle is so you can change it…

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  • Prosperity attracted by your nutrition

    Your body: where it goes determines your prosperity.

    Everything in your life right now has been attracted into forming itself that way due to what is in your mind. In other words, where your mind goes your physical reality goes. As your mind and body are perfectly interconnected, this means that we can switch the relationship around and see that where your body (physical reality) goes your mind and emotions go. That said, take a look at the situations in your life and see where you take your self (as opposed to where you think you are going!)…

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