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  • Success indicator: The why syndrome

    I believe I will be successful, I think!

    If I say your life will become what you believe you will probably say that you know that. If I say you don’t believe what you think you believe you might ask how so? For the last ten years I have worked closely with entrepreneurs. What I have discovered is that they constantly prove over and over that what they fundamentally say they believe is actually not the case and it comes as a shocking surprise to many. The key to revelation and breakthrough is the word why…

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  • Ever stopped to figure out Who You Are?

    Every stopped to figure out who you truly are? Your success is attached to who you are.. but you are not being you are you? Find out how to be your true self and tap into your TRUE success. The answers are simple but we are used to living in a complicated way, i.e. completely off-track. We are living with conflicts and contradictions of ourself and that is why the Universal Bank cannot find us. Clean up the chaos and confusion once and for all and discover your personal joy.

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  • Einstein, The Universe and Leadership

    Ever since serving a hitch in the military, I have been nagged by the question that’s been hanging around leadership since time immemorial: How can some leaders persuade people to believe in them and follow them and other leaders can’t? But it wasn’t the military that …

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