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  • Success story, healing power

    Success was just one scream away for Jonathan. As I was waiting for the healing workshop I was attending to begin, I noticed this guy wondering around the room who made me a little nervous. He could barely stand up straight and was walking and talking as though he was drunk and/or on drugs. He was incoherent and his cardigan was hanging off one shoulder as the right side of his body seemed unable to hold itself up. I knew the facilitator was…

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  • Get into your comfort zone

    I am guessing that at some point in your self improvement journey you have heard someone tell you to “get out of your comfort zone”? Ignore it. Although what is being said is very well intentioned, the laws of creation are not executed by intention. Intention might be a goal but words are the instructions we give to energy to shape itself into physical form; to ‘bring into being’ (whether that be something good or bad). In pursuit of a successful and prosperous life, getting out of…

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  • Success, is it too simple to accept?

    The line between success and failure is very slim. The irony about life is that the energy, time and effort is the same to be rich as poor. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it. It is hard to believe but someone struggling demonstrates every day that they have bundles of stamina, commitment, self- discipline and determination so the deciding factor is not attached to these kinds of efforts! A criminal has all the attributes to be wealthy! So what is the detail which turns failure to success. Why does stamina, commitment, self-discipline and determination product a prosperous life for some and not for others?

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  • Quieten your way to successful experiences

    Ever been to a meeting or finished a project and heard yourself saying to a colleague “well how do you think it went?” I did this a while ago and as I moved to open my mouth this strong voice shouted “SHUT UP”. Took me back a bit but I shut up and listened. The voice went on to say “It happened, you fulfilled your commitment. Unless you are going to say anything to enhance the results SHUT UP!”

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  • Success: You know so much you are missing it!

    You are closer to your miracle breakthrough than you believe. The healing to every pain you have is truly simple. You are making a mountain out of a molehill. You are closer to your miracle than you are taking time to see. The revelation you are looking for is under your nose right now… you don’t need more of anything. Get off the tv, the internet, facebook and away from your friends and ask what is the feeling that is colouring everything black. Make a decision and then unsubscribe from every other contradiction, opinion idea that distracts you.

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  • Focus on being sick and tired

    Discover your real focus and stay there. Some people know early on in life what they are born to do and pursue it with all consuming passion. The clarity comes from the passion which unconsciously drives their focus and so learning how to is not necessary. For others like me it is something that is discovered after a longer process; maybe simply because in my case I didn’t know how to read the signs. I didn’t know how there was a specific plan for my life or how to know what road to take.

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  • Decision is a recipe for success

    Distraction is our #1 enemy to success. Our world is awash with information, advice, solutions, alternative choices and it is not the information which is the problem, it is our inability to be ‘certain’ enough to ‘commit’ to the recipe and follow through. The irony is that if we felt like making a chocolate cake and bought a cake mix, we would not doubt that if we follow the recipe on the back of the box the cake would turn out exactly like the one on the front…

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  • Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

    Gimme more prosperity

    “Dear Human, I gave you today which you wanted because you chose its presence. As I am the Universe I cannot interfere. You have chosen a life of freewill so my message to you is to choose your moments and your words carefully and make sure you are in the presence of only that which makes you happy. Dear human, you are the universe, you have immense power but use it wisely…

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  • How Can I See My Success?

    The wealthy life you day dream about already exists.

    Instead of asking how can I get it, ask how can I SEE it?. The word “get” suggests you don’t “have”. You DO have it, whatever it takes to create a happy life is sitting on that chair where you are right now. This change in perception will revolutionize your consciousness. Continue to do what you always did and you will continue to have what you always had. I used to day dream about being in a fantastic relationship. A day dream was really all it could be…

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  • How a door handle can turbo-charge success

    How a door handle caneffect success

    Quantum physics proves that everything in your physical reality is, when examined under the microscope, billions of units of energy surrounded by space. If you put your hand under a microscope, you would see it was made up of tissue. Magnify the tissue and you can see your cells. Magnify the cells and see them split into molecules, split again into atoms. The atoms will magnify again to reveal…

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