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Definition of ‘Wealth’…”Abundance of valuable material possessions, resources; riches”

I know you may have come here chasing words like “success, prosperity, personal development, etc.” but that’s not why you are here. You are here to free your heart and let it have what makes you happy. Success simply means to achieve what you set out to achieve… someone who is working three jobs or even involved in crime is a success! Personal development means you need to become more or need more; you don’t you are enough now. You simply need to clean up the schizophrenic, fraudulent activities going on in your daily life… which you have missed! 

The reason why life is a mess is because your words and actions are a mess but the clean up is not hard. You see, even as I say that to you your body is fighting it. “How can it be that simple?” It was Albert Einstein who was quoted as saying “When the answer is simple, God is answering”. The Bible is loaded with the simple ways to bring on phenomenally blessings into our lives… but we have been ingrained with complication and hardship.

Prosperity: Are you ready for a breakthrough or not?

Truth is you are looking for exciting experiences, a partner who you love being with, money enough to buy what you want, a body that looks great and feels great, a secure home you can feel safe in, friendships with people who celebrate you not tolerate you, a purpose that is so fulfilling it doesn’t feel like a job.

When did those words ever leave your mouth though??

Are you starting to see the mess and the confusion already? Life feels heavy and the obstacles insurmountable but it is not because it requires huge effort, huge changes, huge amounts of money, time and energy to take life in a sweet direction. It is that way because you have never either done it differently or believed it can be so. Still looking to pull this apart…  well, take a look at the modern world we live in, is our life quality getting better? Are you still looking for more information, still looking for some intellectual miracle?

The information age

The amount of Information making its way into the public domain in the last 30 years is more than the last 5,000 years. It is expected to double! You are being bombarded by information at every turn. Before you read or get involved in anything you must stop and ask why. The way to fail on a goal is to accept another one!

Prosperity can flow by simply realising less is more

Look at the world today, despite the onslaught of new technology people’s lives are no easier. Around 1981, with the introduction of the computer it was predicted that in the future we would all be working a 3 day week. Twenty or so years later, we are far from that reality. It is not technology, information, background, family or education that predicts our future, it is all coming from the science inside. All the answers are inside of you right now and they are more simple than you realise.

Uncover your prosperity by starting a clean up

As everything in your life is connected, you can focus on any area of your life to effect change… the reality is that it will have a dominoe effect on everything else.

We all have the same degree of power

Yes, some people may start out with a bundle of more lucrative resources (as we might see it) but ultimately the degree of ability to effect change in our lives is EXACTLY the same for everyone(provided they are coherent enough to be aware of their mind).

Simply put, anything you desire manifests as energy changing form given direct instruction from you… particles of energy are magnetised by your consciousness into forming objects and situations into what you experience as life.

Regardless of what you believe about who or what created universal laws, they remain irrefutable..understanding and utilising these laws of science can change your life forever.

Thanks to Pythagoras and Albert Einstein’s contribution to Universal understanding, we know that everything physical manifests relative to our thoughts (and our thoughts then motivate our emotions which motivate action).

If everything is created by our mind as a cohesion of differing vibrations, all instructions ‘to create’ must be written into the objects and experiences themselves… question is, how can we see them? Seeing them gives you the power to change them, without limits this time.

The bottom line line is that life is a game, however it is a serious game. When we get things wrong the consequences can be miserable. The circumstances of our lives are not set in stone, they are as fluid as we allow ourselves to be.

But first we have to accept the reality that we as individuals are completely responsible for what we make happen; without claiming this reality circumstances will be much harder to control in terms of the outcome.

I am stunned by your book!

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