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Business prosperity; selling product or process?

Business Owners – Are you clear about your product?

Many business owners are so involved in the business strategies and daily running that they fail to discover what their real product is. Perhaps this is you?

Your product is not art, meditation, books, computers, cars, supplements, therapy, etc. These descriptions are your process.

The reason why your customer is motivated to part with their hard earned money is because they foresee a specific benefit in their life.

How to get clear about your most prosperous path

Here is the scenario which will help you get clear.

Plug leaks in your business prosperity, define the product, don't focus on selling the processImagine a family. Let’s say there is Sarah a busy professional mother, John her husband who is a salesman and their two children, both teenagers. I have given you a scenario as an example but actually when you focus on this family and ask the next question, your IDEAL consumer will probably reveal themself in your mind more specifically.

Imagining this family, ask yourself how exactly is your product going to change their lives, literally. The change needs to very practical. There is no point saying things like “Sarah you will feel more relaxed“. If Sarah is a busy family woman she cannot perceive “relaxed” in a real way; her mind will fight that sentence because it doesn’t have a benefit to motivate the mind to let go of the thought in place of something happier.

You need to step into Sarah’s day, put on her shoes and give her specific examples of how the day can change.

Practical examples of prospering people

Sarah, you will find that although the children are still arguing over breakfast you are amazed at how their voices have drifted quietly into the background. THAT IS WHAT SARAH WILL PAY FOR and can imagine as a real possibility.

John you will no longer get that agitated, heart racing feeling every time someone adds something else to your in-tray…. or as you see your boss walking to your office you will be amazed at how serene you feel… or you will find you are attracting calls from people you like doing business with who lift you up and inspire you to get jobs done.

Once you know your product more clearly:-

  • you know who your market is;
  • you get an idea of the places they go where you will find them to advertise to;
  • you now know how to speak to them.

No competition

Your product is very specific and very unique, you have no competition if you are following your true heart, passion and thinking about who your SOLUTION is really for and how it will change their every day life. People experience a sense of competition only when they doubt what they are doing, doubt their product or when their spirit is using the market place to move them on to another level by stirring creativity, efficiency and effectivity.

Always remember, new level, new devil. Without provocation, our prosperity will not increase.

When you think about your product, be in the habit of thinking about what would come to mind for someone other than you! If it is not exciting, you are mis-representing your solution and leaking prosperity. When you think about your product, what do you imagine… are those pictures and situations being communicated?

I have come across so many business owners who are expressing no passion to their customers because they are caught up in their side of the window. Just because you are excited by the gift in your product it doesn’t mean you have communicated that to your potential customers. When it comes to selling online this is ever more prevalent to fulfill on a customer’s needs just as you would if the shop were on a high street. A webpage is digital and flat but you must address all fourth dimensional aspects.

Please stop and do the exercise before you hold back more of your prosperity.

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