Books unlocking prosperity by Annemarie Doolin

Dr. Joe Vitale of the movie The Secret

“I’m stunned by your book.”

“I didn’t expect it to be so mind-popping. Your Mirror process explains how we create our reality better than anything I’ve EVER seen—including my own books. This is a breakthrough, freeing work that I wish everyone would get, read, and practice. What a gift to the world! – Dr. Joe Vitale (
Books by Annemarie Doolin on clarity and problem-solving to attract prosperity

Relationship rescue, end divorce, enrich your marriage using your masculine and feminine power

Marry Yourself Before You Slip Away

What is your Power and Potential dying to tell you?

WHAT EXCITING INSIGHTS DO MEN AND WOMEN REVEAL ABOUT YOU, on how you can marry your power and your potential … and release more prosperity? Things are never what they seem and we are sending destructive message into our reality every day which we are not aware of… or we consider simply insignificant!

Accessing more personal power, realising your full potential, a fulfilling marriage, preventing divorce, finding an ideal partner, managing emotions, negotiating business deals, attracting favour in relationships, employing staff/human resources.

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Find the right career or job to fulfill your life purpose

Home Your Wealth

What is your home dying to tell you?

CHANGE YOUR LIFE BY CHANGING YOUR HOME. Any misery in your life has been caused by villainous beliefs… problem is they are clever at hiding themselves. Home Your Wealth is a step by step ‘how to’ flush out the destructive beliefs passing themselves off as items in the rooms of your home and office. We are slow to change because we don’t want to see truths but now there is a way to see hidden blocks and change them in a way that is fun and inspiring! If you enjoy shopping for and styling your house this book is your new best friend!

Changing behaviour, interior design, home improvements/DIY, feng shui, de-cluttering, architecture, removing prosperity blocks.

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Find the right career or job to fulfill your life purpose

Power Surge

See into your Matrix, re-program your life

POWER SURGE ARMS YOU WITH ALMOST X-RAY VISION into the intangible matrix of energy you are creating…and reveals where you are disrupting and holding back your dam of prosperity. This Matrix effects everyone and everything in your life and provides a revelation as to the fastest and simplest way to achieve outstanding success for you.

Changing behaviour and seeing the real source of any problems, The Matrix (and how you can see it in your own life), managing emotions, using words to increase prosperity, decoding hidden messages in everything around you as to why it is there and what it is creating or destroying.

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Career and job decisions - find your genius and life purpose

Self Discovery

Uncover your Unique Genius & Assignment

PROSPERITY ATTACHED TO YOUR GENIUS. You were created on purpose. You are universally unique. You were made with a specific mission and your prosperity is attached to that specific mission. You have no competition (even as a business owner). Free yourself up to be unapologetically you and see life prosper and flow in ways you only dreamed about.

Discovering your genius and life purpose, attracting your divine prosperity, changing career, looking for your ideal career/job, personality testing, running your own business, employing staff/human resources.

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