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A childhood spent in deep depression and loneliness, feeling out of control and lost (despite a healthy, balanced family upbringing), Annemarie was desperately drawn to seeking answers. A journey that drove her to live in various countries wondering if it was the environment that was 'the problem'. In realising she felt the same, she explored beyond the dimensions we can see.

The suffering didn't seem to lift until one life defining day. Annemarie had an out of body vision and felt she had become the room she was standing in; an experience similar to putting on 3D glasses. Her skin seemed to end where the boundary walls ended.

In a flash of insight, she knew that this room was her. That every molecule inside her had translated itself into a physical expression of how she "houses and lives inside herself." She realised that life was literally inside out.

Asking many questions from this source of wisdom (which she understands to be God), more visions pursued. The visions provided precise clarity as to how our home, body, finances and relationships become the way they do. More importantly, the revelations showed how to radically turn situations around.

These radical changes in perception provided a way to feel in control of life and dreams... and collectively heal the damage done to the world. Annemarie's discoveries had already proved that we were in control so it was not needing to be in control that was the problem, we have to feel in control... and now she had a simple, yet profoundly exciting way that ensures this feeling.

Annemarie's life is a far cry from the darkness of the past. Free from any depression, Annemarie no longer works in the corporate world feeling imprisoned by the rules and confinements of a job. She lives a rich life in Denmark with her dream partner living a life that leaves her free to write, teach and set her own schedule. The new, yet simple way of being that Annemarie provides in her books infuses complete confidence that no matter how reality changes as change comes about... one thing is certain, those dreams waiting beyond the physical veil will make their way through into this life.

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