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  • Success is Held back By the Emotion of Guilt

    Success is held back by the emotion guilt

    No matter whether you study the philosophies laid down by religions or whether you study only the science of human nature, the one constant destructive force is guilt. Even psychiatrists will affirm that conditions can be resolved much more easily than is hoped if only they could get the person to let go of guilt’ held about the situation. Most people have no idea how much guilt they carry around each moment of every day. Guilt about the past, what they’ve done…

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  • How Can I See My Success?

    The wealthy life you day dream about already exists.

    Instead of asking how can I get it, ask how can I SEE it?. The word “get” suggests you don’t “have”. You DO have it, whatever it takes to create a happy life is sitting on that chair where you are right now. This change in perception will revolutionize your consciousness. Continue to do what you always did and you will continue to have what you always had. I used to day dream about being in a fantastic relationship. A day dream was really all it could be…

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  • How a door handle can turbo-charge success

    How a door handle caneffect success

    Quantum physics proves that everything in your physical reality is, when examined under the microscope, billions of units of energy surrounded by space. If you put your hand under a microscope, you would see it was made up of tissue. Magnify the tissue and you can see your cells. Magnify the cells and see them split into molecules, split again into atoms. The atoms will magnify again to reveal…

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  • Power Surge Book

    Practical handbook: a new discovery of your matrix

    Power Surge is a practical handbook equipping you with an almost x-ray vision and sucks you into a new discovery of your life as a Matrix. Uncover deeply hidden blocks to your success and fulfillment. This book enables you an overview of how to see your matrix. Power Surge demonstrates your relationship with everything in your life from a light bulb to your car…

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  • Welcome to Make Success Easy Blog

    Magnetise wealth with what you have right now!

    I know you may have come here chasing words like “success, prosperity, personal development, etc.” but that’s not why you are here. You are here to free your heart and let it have what makes you happy. Success simply means to achieve what you set out to achieve… someone who is working three jobs or even involved in crime is a success! Personal development means you need to become more or need more; you don’t you are enough now…

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  • New short-cut to make all your dreams come true

    Inspired action is any action based on an inside nudge.

    In other words, an Inspired Action is when you suddenly get a desire to drive to the store. You may have no idea why you need to go to the store right now. But something within you is urging you out the door. Follow that hunch. It may lead you to your goal. At the store, you may meet the right person. Or find the right product. Or pick up the right magazine that will lead you to completing your dream.

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  • Four emotions that can lead to life change

    Emotions, the most powerful forces inside

    Emotions are the most powerful forces inside us. Under the power of emotions, human beings can perform the most heroic (as well as barbaric) acts. To a great degree, civilization itself can be defined as the intelligent channelling of human emotion. Emotions are fuel and the mind is the pilot, which together propel the ship of civilized progress. Which emotions cause people to act? There are four basic ones…

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  • Self Discovery: New eBook out!

    Self Discovery eBook – lost secrets to the true you

    Self Discovery unlocks the lost secrets to discovering your true, autentic self (personality testing at its most fruitful). Self Discovery uncovers your individual core influences; the crucial keys to success. Prosperity that has your name on it will be found where your unique assignment is; the place where your specific life mission was pre-ordained. Free yourself up to be unapologetically you and see life prosper and flow in ways you only dreamed about. ..

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  • Fail your way to the top

    Fail your way to the top

    Have you had a challenging day or week? Maybe you’re feeling a little tired or feel discouraged with a current situation. Maybe you are ready to throw in the towel and quit something. We all go through times of feeling that something in our life sucks, and all we can see and feel is the mess we are in.When you feel that deep discouraged feeling, take a look at this report…

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  • Home your wealth – Book

    Change your life by changing your home

    Your home, office and personal spaces are full of hidden secrets about why the life you want is still escaping you. Hidden blocks in the subconscious matrix of your mind can be revealed and dissolved using your home. In order to transform yourself, your habits need to be consistent which means you must be doing something which can be done during your current day. If not, chances are it won’t happen regularly. What you discover in your home will amaze you…

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