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  • Know your man and attract prosperity

    Prosper an abundant life in your life with your man As many of my articles have explained, our relationships are a mirror of the relationship within ourself and to be prosperous we have to be in the flow. So ladies, let’s take a look at …

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  • Prosperity spotted in your relationships

    What do your relationships reveal about how to align your power and your potential? In short, your relationships show you the relationship within yourself and for prosperity to flow the dynamic must be reflect what prosperity stands for… …a thriving, flourishing condition. OK so what does that mean?

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  • Prosperity attracted by your nutrition

    Your body: where it goes determines your prosperity.

    Everything in your life right now has been attracted into forming itself that way due to what is in your mind. In other words, where your mind goes your physical reality goes. As your mind and body are perfectly interconnected, this means that we can switch the relationship around and see that where your body (physical reality) goes your mind and emotions go. That said, take a look at the situations in your life and see where you take your self (as opposed to where you think you are going!)…

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  • Story: Prosperity in the furniture

    In this story, Annemarie is actually me, the author. My life was changing in amazing ways, in fact I was attracting success in areas I wasn’t even aware I had thought possible. I had found my dream man, was enjoying the luxury of working from home and doing what I am born to do.

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  • Story: The hidden jewels to your success

    This story demonstrates how to take one simply project within a business and see clearly how we cause the circumstances we do. Jane’s story demonstrates that behind the seemingly insignificant situations, our answers are staring us in the face literally.

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  • Business online success

    Since the development of the internet considerably more businesses are conducting business online and like all new developments in life it can be many years before the realities of benefits and liabilities are realised. Being able to put together business online much quicker has altered our perspective and moved us away from the fundamental requirements of a customer. We can get too close and too caught up in creating to see the writing on the wall… give your business the test!

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  • Self Development Conference in your Sitting Room

    I’m guessing if you are reading this you are a person who is very interested in improving the quality of your life. I’m even hedging my bets that you’ve invested a lot of time, money and energy in all kinds of personal development books, courses, seminars in the pursuit of more success (great news… determination always pays off!).

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  • Decision is a recipe for success

    Distraction is our #1 enemy to success. Our world is awash with information, advice, solutions, alternative choices and it is not the information which is the problem, it is our inability to be ‘certain’ enough to ‘commit’ to the recipe and follow through. The irony is that if we felt like making a chocolate cake and bought a cake mix, we would not doubt that if we follow the recipe on the back of the box the cake would turn out exactly like the one on the front…

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  • Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

    Gimme more prosperity

    “Dear Human, I gave you today which you wanted because you chose its presence. As I am the Universe I cannot interfere. You have chosen a life of freewill so my message to you is to choose your moments and your words carefully and make sure you are in the presence of only that which makes you happy. Dear human, you are the universe, you have immense power but use it wisely…

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  • Secrets Blocking Your Success

    For the last twenty five years, I’ve explored so many areas of metaphysics and spirituality. Bearing in mind what’s available today, you can imagine how many CDs, books, tapes etc. by the world’s highly regarded masters, I have stored away. ‘Stored away’ being the point! …

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