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Are you housing yourself in a secure way?

Insecure home, insecure life experiences

Our home is a physical manifestation of our dominant thoughts and emotions; it is how we ‘house’ our spirit on the Earth. The reason why the dream of who we think we are (the ideal house) hasn’t manifest is simply because too many contradictions exist. We all know we are more than how we describe our home but our mind is confused and conflicted in its instructions.

Your dreams are already embedded into your DNA

We always talk about needing a plan but the plan is already in place. A clue is that you already know the life you are living is not enough, that’s because your divine plan is fighting for attention. The plan is buried between fraudulent ideas of who we are evidenced by the things around us which hold the vibrations of a contradicting belief. As we clean away what we are not, what we are manifests organically.

A question of security

One of the reasons why we don’t take chances and risk revealing all of our richness is because we don’t feel secure. There is a difference between feeling fearful and feel insecure.

Ensuring you are safe so prosperity can flow

Look to your home and identify any areas where you don’t feel secure. Make sure you feel secure no matter what you are doing in your home and personal spaces that you have control over. Emotion causes painful experiences to magnetise to you aswell as the blissful experiences.

I recently broke both my wrists at the fitness centre and I know exactly how I caused it because of how I was feeling but I didn’t take control. What I didn’t see was all the other situations that were held back or riddled with insecurity that I didn’t see. I didn’t see all the times people saw my book and suddenly felt a feeling of insecurity and didn’t know why… all the times resources were heading my way but repelled by insecurity! I paid a very high price.

Dissolve your subconscious scripts blocking your flow of prosperity

Home examples to think about:

  • when you are in the bathroom a window exposes you and has you feeling vulnerable – put up a curtain or frosted glass… or simply make sure you draw the curtain rather than leaving it.
  • maybe you need to make sure the front door is locked to feel secure? If that is the case don’t sit there watching tv thinking about the door, get up and lock it. Keep in mind that what is happening in the physical is happening in your mind and your mind is sending these vibrations out to effect everything from your bank account and your relationships to your career;
  • maybe a door handle is loose on your bedroom door;
  • perhaps you have a shelf over your bed that feesl precarious and you feel something could fall on you… move it!

If you identify an area where you are insecure and you haven’t done anything. Ask yourself why you haven’t fixed it.

Why is prosperity being held back?

When you ask why you are living with insecure situations and not acting, listen to the answer. Observe your precise words. This is the reason why more ‘secure’ situations are not coming into your life and why you are not homing your wealth. Don’t wait to feel secure. The outside is a mirror of the inside, where your home goes your mind will go. Fix any insecure situations.


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