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$75000 Time Management Secret

$75000 Time Management Secret

by Dr Donald Schnell

Are you drowning in email? Is your mind filled with anxiety over an increasing number of tasks?

Each day that you put off accomplishing the tasks and assignments that are yours, creates more pressure for the next day, and the day after that.

Time management is a hot topic on the internet. The Overture search term suggestion tool indicated as of May 2003 that over 34,000 individuals were searching the keyword phrase time management. Experts predict that Overture is only capturing about 2% of the total searches. This means there is a potential of approximately 1.5 million people daily searching for help with time management. Mind you this is only the tip of the iceberg. These are the individuals possibly seeking help! Many might feel they don’t EVEN have enough time to seek assistance!

I’m going to share with you a time management strategy that is the GRANDFATHER of time management strategies. This original technique sold for $25,000 nearly 70 years ago to top management. It was highly prized.

It will work for you, if you put as much energy into using it, as you would if you just paid $25,000 for it, or closer to $75,000 if you account for inflation.

Bethlehem Steel was willing to pay the amount in order to increase the productivity of their company. They consulted with Mr. Ivy Lee.

Lee’s advise?

“All you need to do, advised Mr. Lee, is take a pad of paper, this evening, and list the most urgent projects which confront you. Then, study the list and number them, assigning number one to the most important job, number two to the next most vital, and so on down the list.

Beginning tomorrow, tackle number one and stay on it until it is finished before you move on to number two. Work on down the list. When the day is through, prepare a new list, again assigning top priority to the most important task still undone and so on down the list. Do this everyday.” (University of Success, Og Mandino, pg. 219) Amazon

Of course it is up to you to make your list every single day. Why not try this $75,000 technique for one week. I’d love to hear about your success.


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